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  • Almost 10 years since you've been here, Andy? Thanks for taking care of a very small and vulnerable Jolty back in the day.
    So i herd u liek Flannery. ^_^

    Right, and I'm here just because I occasionally peek at your profile to see if you've checked in! v w v


    okay. .w.
    Alex's post was dramatic. I'm just here to call you a hobo.
    At a point in one's life one shares irreplacable and irrevocable memories and experiences
    And that person knows in their heart they wouldn't trade such an experience for anything
    As it continues, the environment that bestowed such a gift onto that person changes
    It morphs
    And it becomes something that doesn't produce the same joys and sorrows it once did
    And at a point, it's no longer something desirable, even
    That person may realize that they're chasing something that's long gone
    A high that's passed forever
    And they make the decision for themselves to mark a happiness worth crying for as their past
    And they disappear
    Onto something else that may or may not ever replace or replenish such feelings
    And the past for them is in the dust
    It's still there
    In their memory, as a good time
    Something they thoroughly had fun with and wouldn't have any other way, pains and all

    It's nice to look upon, isn't it?
    you left this place?!
    about 9 years ago I forgot my password
    you reset it for me and chose a word
    that password has remained my password on my account and most of my other accounts
    just thought you should know

    thanks andy <3
    You were such a grand source of inspiration for me back in the day.

    Thank you, for everything.
    Sounds like much of why I left, so I can't blame you, but it's always a shame to see long-time staff members leave their spots.

    Some subs are okay, and I choose to watch the series in English rather than Japanese, but some are entirely the opposite and it's like oh my god were the voice directors on crack, ooorrrr......?

    Have you seen any of K Project? ..er, I think the anime is just called "K", just the manga title sounds more nifty to me. XD
    I could've sworn I had you on Twitter, but apparently not haha. >: Added! See you there. :D
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