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  • Ye disappointment. ):

    Although if you're playing it on a PC, I think that there's probably a mod to let you fly around on dragons. If memory serves, Gav said he was flying on a broomstick once around Skyrim so it'll probably be there somewhere!
    I usually save money months in advance, and then also pre-register so that it's cheaper to get in. xD; I also plan cosplays like HALF A YEAR ahead of time, and piece them together slowly because I'm lazy. v w v
    That'd have been so cool. You can at least summon them, though! And towards the end of the main quest you can... sorta ride one.
    Ahh. I was just wondering how you were finding it, if you had it. I got it yesterday and I've played with it a little and so far it's got some cool stuff but... is really, really annoying in some ways lol. You get some of the most overpowered abilities ever but at the same time when you're not using them you get some horrible debuffs and there's no nice, normal medium like there is with the original version. |:
    I couldn't sleep last night so I was browsing PC drowsily and I think one of the last posts I read was yours, because I dreamt that I kept getting phone calls from you on a Digivice asking me to join a new club you were making called The Arcane 9, haha.
    Haha, sounds like me and MORE SKYRIM. I'd say I'm overplaying it but... I really don't think that's possible lol.
    Still cheap though given that other universities will charge extra for it.

    How are you btw?
    o w o /pinches her cheeks

    Woooow, apparently I haven't been on in like two weeks or so, whoops. I blame that distracting animu con. v w v

    I watched a few eps of Fairy Tail, and I like it so far, buuuut I haven't watched it since around the time I sent that VM. I need to find the time, omfg. xD; I only have one day off work this week, buuuut I'll see. It's sitting there in my animu folder tempting me. >w>;
    Yeah that's true, I think games can never really grasp the 'realities' of life. And by knives do you mean, even when someone misses you with a knife strike, you still die, and vice versa, when you try and slice someone, and get them they don't die?

    Aww yeah, haha. We should definitely play sometime! I've downloaded the technic pack, which includes a stack of great building additions, like pipes, quarries, engines etc. It also add new ores, tools and armour which is also a great addition. I used to be into the Hunger Games Minecraft, where you'd be one of 24 tributed who'd have to survive just like in the real HG, but in a minecraft version. I only won twice, it's actually quite hard especially if other players team, and you've got about 2 teams hunting you down haha. And not to mention, you've got to find food in chests, which means food is extremely scarce. I'm usually known to reach around the top 5 mark. I usually get slaughtered in my leather boots and tunic by some guy with a shiny iron sword. XD

    Yeah, I kind of miss playing it, my cousin and my uncle are obsessed with it, and they've sort of got my urge to play it going again. They wouldn't stop talking at my cousin's Holy Communion dinner at a seafood restraunt we went to last night. XD
    Ah, perhaps it's because he's gotten powerful enough so that it doesn't have much an effect on him? I don't think I've used it on him too much...
    Well, not totally free - the cost of the internet is included in the cost of the accommodation. But, as far as universities in the UK go, it's fairly cheap so I'm not complaining!
    Yeah that's sorta what I'm doing now. It's still really pushing my internet limits though, but meh - going off to Uni soon and I get unlimited, fast internet for free there. So it's all good!
    Hey Arcanine!

    You may or may not remember me (I'm sure you have people trying to talk with you all the time) but we used to chat way back in the day (like 2004-2005) haha.

    Anyway hadn't been on in a while and just wanted to say hi to some old friends. Hope all is well, and that life is treating you nicely.

    See you around :)
    Yeah, I can't wait to experiment with some of the new gadgets. And how so?

    Haha, yeah, I was at one stage too, but now I've practically moved from it, since I'm not very good and I'd always die. xD So dying repetitively wasn't really, an experience I was hoping to gain from the game but oh well, haha. I did well in Demolition I must say; for the mostpart anyway! :D
    My life has been moving on at a decent pace. Still in college; I left my local college and got into a university.

    I feel like I'm getting old; it's been so long since high school. At least I'm not balding like one of my friends. D:

    So many people I knew here are gone, but it's still nice to see a few old faces sticking around. :)
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