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  • Hey im trying to fing the mega stone for ash greninja but i cant seem to find it. If u can help me out by telling me exactly where it is that would be great??????thx mate
    Damn, that was probably the most helpful thing I've ever read about Empyrean. Though I have no idea about how Fusion works and what WT is, haven't finished my first playthrough. I got a shiny Delphox with perfect IVs from an auction, and I'm absolutely stuck on Sylon because of that. The obsessive collector in me is too strong.
    Hmmm, it actually makes sense. I also find myself without reliable status moves most of the time. Usually teach some to my HM slaves but in this game no slaves needed. Might copy your idea if it's okay :) Btw I had a Greninja too but it felt a little squishy, didn't survive long enough to sweep. Though it was my starter so I didn't really train him properly maybe that's why.
    That's a Technician Breloom right? I've been thinking of having one on my team. Great team, thanks for sharing!
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