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  • Yup! Work just keeps me busy and I've had more priorities popping up so I'm not around as much as I would like to be.
    I'm in Pokemon Odyssey: A Search For Cresselia.

    If you wanna make something based off that, go ahead. I still plan on on writing the book eventually, hopefully XD. But as for RPs, I'm not planning on doing anything along those lines anymore.
    Winchester is in fact the 'capital' of Hampshire! Good work!


    Well it depends. You either have High or South Littleton, so it would be Littleton, Bristol, UK or Littleton, Wychavon, UK respectively.

    Nah, not trying to break your heart, YOU JUST KEEP WORKING! I don't ever see you!!!! [also crummy cause work, I'm going to start looking for something else]
    Just asking cause I'm always curious what their people are playing. Mass Effect is one of those series that I've always wanted to play but just never came across to it. Same with Resident Evil. I'm been obsessively playing Stardew Valleyso I don't even think I would have time for it right now haha.
    omg is that how you guys say beer? that's adorable and I will definitely order one like this when I'm next over tbh
    lol I means cartoons like animated film xD. Sorry for late reply Christmas and stuff xD

    I just watched 8 miles 3rd time xD Which movies (other than rose you mentioned me before c:) you liked the most?
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