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  • It's probably to do with having the dynamic of two teen/adult characters (who are both resourceful, responsible, and former gym leaders) rather than one and some kids. They both got more of a chance to shine in that episode since they were main characters as well.
    Bleah. Well, apply to everything that seems easy and nice, right?

    That episode was so good. ;; I wish we could have had a few episodes of them hanging out tbh.
    what the heck why do you have to do videos and presentation for math??? :\ and holy crap that's a lot at once but then you get the rest of the time to relax (and do homework) right? or do you have a job as well or something else to do?

    clemont is a sweetie and getting the writing and development that dent should have gotten. and i have mixed feelings about that lol on one hand, yay good writing and development for clemont! on the other, poor bby dent got the short end of the stick. :( :(
    clicked on the link on your signature and found that the link pointed to Satoru Ashahina.


    so hi gurl I joined Pokecommunity.
    Zerochan has some good fanarts too. Unfortunately, I think that we won't have OVA about him :/ They prefer to make stuff about Mei or Kouichi... But if they did so it's be great. As for the 2nd season, I really hope it won't be a prequel, otherwise no Teshi... And if they make a sequel, I also hope they feep former characters, and not just make a whole other class with whole new characters x)
    I agree... I've searched several times and it's rare to find beautiful stuff of him. Many fanarts are meh. I really hope that if they made a season two he would appear. Even if he's not a main character he would miss to the serie :(
    So, you like Another, and Teshigawara seems to be a character you really appreciate... That deserves a hug ! *v*
    I KNOW RIGHT ;w; I love Natsu in any form~ (Edolas, Earthland, Bitty...)

    Ffffff if Natsu were stolen from me I'd politely bug the person who took him until I get him back. (OK, maybe I wouldn't go that far, buttttt I'd still ask, ahaha.)

    ...Actually Killua from Hunter x Hunter has yet to be claimed (it seems) so I could always claim him and drop Natsu Dragion...

    AND WAIT JUST NOTICED WENDY WAS STOLEN FROM ME. I KNEW I HAD CLAIMED HER, orz But that's understandable because I've been gone for over a month, ahaha ^^; I'm so glad Natsu wasn't stolen from me, in that case.
    And I do too <3 ...Though I don't have my lovely Wendy claimed ;; (But that's OK 'cause I have both Natsus, hohoho.)
    I remember the huge thread XD; And I'm kind of disappointed it's anime-only; I do love some ships from there but I'm more of a shipper when it comes to the games and manga XD;
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