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  • It's crazy to think we spoke so long ago ??????

    I just had some weird urge to see what people I spoke to 10 years ago~ are up to now and liked the idea of catching up with people.

    Plus we've done a lot of growing up now so fun to look back at the past ahaha
    Adding onto the previous VM

    It rained here on Halloween. Not unusual because it rains here somewhat often, but for some reason I can't ever recall much rain on Halloween. I like candy snakes too, and at one point liked these: https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0972/7116/products/Screenshot2022-06-09151506_2048x.jpg?v=1655912964.

    I don't like seafood much. I can tolerate shrimp, but even then I have to force myself. We live in a costal area with seafood being a big deal (even having a festival regarding it) so I guess it's a bit odd.

    Are you excited for Christmas? I like every single part of it, even the shopping. There's a certain atmosphere that's unique to it. I spend the gift card on my younger cousin. He has a mental disability and has a fascination with certain things. He loves Monopoly. I purchased him monopoly on my playstation so he could enjoy it whenever he comes over. There was about $10 left and I can't remember what I did with the rest of it.

    I wouldn't mind continuing Fablehaven but despite retaining some memory, I don't think it would be enough. I would need to start over. Curious if I would still like it too. We usually change as we get older.

    Yeah my mother hates stuff like that. She mentioned that she played with a ouija board as a child and now hates them. She doesn't like most horror films either.
    No it's okay, don't worry.

    It rained for an entire week. Otherwise everything was okay. We experienced a 5.8 earthquake 11 years ago. Not that big, but as a little kid it was utterly horrifying. It was late summer and school began one week later. It was talked about frequently.

    I need more stamina. Getting fatigued quickly from peddling the bike. I understand. It's a learning process and eventually I'll figure out setting boundaries. I did ask if he could be nicer. It did not end well. He told me "name three other friends". I couldn't even name one. He started destroying my class project. Then taunted me with "If you don't like it, sit with those other friends". (then later told me it was all a joke). It's nice being away from that daily harassment.

    I get reflux induced from anxiety too. I'm not having heavy anxiety these days so now it's mostly food related. Reflux gets worse when I sleep or lay down. I only weigh 140 LBS so it's a tricky situation. I don't want to drop anymore weight. I also can't eat high fat foods without feeling sick. I introduced vitamin gummies into my diet and I noticed it does help a bit.

    I do love History, however I would rather visit a historical place than read it from a textbook. History is most fun when I can be there and interact with it. I tried deleting my Discord but apparently it gives you 30 days. I changed my mind. I like monitoring my game time. Also visited a farm today and got some animal pictures. Is it okay if I send stuff there periodically? Not sure how you feel about me sending there. I'll try not speaking too much, but I do like the pictures.

    If you don't mind me asking, which Stephen King book did you read? I remember our teacher could not get us engaged with Shakespeare. He gave up and assigned us a Shakespeare comic book rendition instead. (The book was Macbeth). It was the only time I have ever enjoyed Shakespeare. Generally do not like trying to figure out old english. Also never liked watching movies in class and having the film paused for discussion.

    Get Together was fun. I only stuck with it for about...50% of the way through. Tried to get #1 on a leaderboard event and accomplished it. Doing that also fatigued me. Oh it's okay. I'll never rush you. I'm so sorry for deleting the messages. I thought I was doing the right thing.
    By the way I did want to add, if you have any neat color combinations ideas could you let me know at some point down the line? There's no rush or anything. I'm going to spend a few hours decorating my profile.

    Sadly I'm clueless on how to set backgrounds properly. Maybe I could figure it out. If not, I'm just going to try and make the coloring look pretty.

    I'll let you know how it turns out. Hopefully... I don't make a total mess out of it.
    I discovered I love reading. Problem is I'm a bit confined to what's around our home right now. Haven't used a library since I was a little kid. (embarrassingly). I've forgotten how they function. There's a public one near my college. It's a calm place to sit when it's cold and waiting on the bus schedule, but I never used it for reading.

    Got nervous about my comprehension but having no issue so far. Eventually I'm going to start logging my completed books.
    I tried watching the hobbit/lord of the rings.

    Maybe it's the length of each movie, but it's the first series I can't get into. Reminds me of shakespeare which I never liked reading.
    Down in my heart he has full forgiveness. I don't know how to hold a grudge. No matter how wrong someone does, I feel natural inclination to remain open. Unfortunately his presence still makes me nervous. Occasionally he has sent a text through Facebook Messenger and I don't know how to respond. It gets very awkward. Sometimes I get lonely and I know I would respond with more warmth if I didn't freeze up at sight of his bubble icon.

    Exactly! I have found it much harder to participate over zoom. In person it can depend on multiple factors (my seat, the instructor, class size) but on zoom I only speak when they call attendance.

    I think it depends on the specific dog. All dogs have individual personalities but you are correct that they have a reputation for being loud. Ours barked frequently, and remained that way until her final days. Decided another pomeranian would hurt too much and we ended up getting a small lab/pitbull mixed breed. She's a couch potato and doesn't bark unless something provokes her. I do love the picture of the cat. So pretty looking

    Lemonade destroys my stomach. It's my all time favorite drink too. Sometimes I'll have it anyways and accept the consequences. Fried Foods and Pizza hurt but if I eat slow and with moderation they can be tolerable. Hits me way worse at night. Sometimes I feel nothing during the day but at night feel everything I've eaten.

    Yeah I'm not really into the open world genre of games. I'd rather just have the story take me through things linearly. Tried Skyrim, Witcher 3, Minecraft, Fallout and that's the only one I've finished because the history aspect appeals to me. Ended up plugging a game console into my room instead of the mobile games. Although I will keep going with Stardew Valley at some point. Are you okay if I send occasional screenshots of it through discord? It's much quicker than sending it from my phone and to myself on social media, then trying to private message here the link here or uploading to imgur.

    I'm sorry for this, but I can't name many books or authors. I haven't read many books. Or listened to much music. Or played many video games, or watched many shows. I am very behind in many ways. Hence why I sometimes ask for recommendations. These last few years have been a massive discovery process for me. I've only read Stephen King stuff but I wouldn't mind branching out. It's just within a level of comfort that I haven't left yet.

    I really loved the renaissance fair. Shakesphere was a parody of Richard III (but wasn't really familiar with that). Went to a normal local fair with rides this weekend and I loved that too. I rode a ferris wheel and had a cup of grape ice. Lines felt very long, but stuck it out and had lots of fun
    Admittedly, I've only ever wanted a friend I can speak with. It's simplistic but more than enough for me. That's a low bar, but I don't know what a proper friendship looks like. I had someone call me a best friend, but he kept doing terrible things. His reason was "I'm giving you friendship" or "This is how friends joke". It often felt more like he was bullying me. I still don't understand. (sorry for the tangent, have not really opened up about this).

    That sounds exactly something I would do. I remember when zoom classes began I would only partially put myself on the camera. Or mute my mic unless absolutely necessary.

    I like medium sized dog breeds. Although we had a Pomeranian as our family dog. I'm not sure I quite follow what a tuxedo cat is. If it's okay to ask, do you have any pets? Oh I loved the show. It was totally worth it for me and I would go through that sickness anytime for it. Attending had been such a dream for me.

    I do need to try new foods. Can't recall hearing of mi goreng. I have been taking it a bit easier, my digestion isn't the best and I have reflux. But I agree pastries are great and it's really hard to let them go. Unfortunately chocolate gives me bad reactions. Yet I'm still going for a brownie after I write this. One shouldn't hurt too much. (even if it does, those are just so good).

    I've been getting into Steam recently. Mostly playing Fallout but I shall build a library of stuff eventually. Never played many games on PC but it's something new and cool. I have a PlayStation controller which I use with bluetooth. I've heard of Genshin Impact having comparisons to Breath of the Wild. I wasn't a huge fan of that Zelda game though. Still, I had about 50 hours total in it.

    It's been an okay month, thank you for asking. And It's alright. Thank you for still taking the time to speak with me. I've never read a manga but I hope you enjoy the lunch and reading. Do you keep a reading list or is it more random for you? I have a couple novels I'm interested in.
    I had no idea Discord let me track my playtime for games. I linked my sony account and suddenly a timer came up.

    That's so useful. I'm going to keep it for this sole purpose. I don't think I have the longest sessions, but this is something I'm interested in and I wish consoles would have convenient features like this.
    Wait never mind don't worry about answering that, I got into my discord. It was simply just entering back my info.
    Also, is it possible to have my discord back temporarily after deactivation? Or am I going to need a new one?

    My older brother wants to play a game together and voice chat with me. He says this will require a discord. I don't mind doing this with him, if I didn't mess up through dropping my account.

    As weird as I still feel about returning to discord, I almost never see my brother. So I think this would be kind of nice. I've become ill after the WWE show, it'll be something to look forward towards after I power through this. Sort of like a rainbow after a storm, so to speak.

    Here is a cellphone video of an entrance. (United States Champion Bobby Lashley). His name comes up if you hit it into google. The fireworks were actually extremely loud. The video doesn't capture that accurately.

    I mostly just took pictures though.
    I could not even express in words how excited I've started feeling about Monday. As a kid I dreamed of being in the audience for a live televised show. I've been waking up every morning eager for it.
    It's okay. No worries about matching pace. Thank you for taking the time respond to these messages so thoughtfully.

    It's likely not going to be noticeable. I get slightly more chatty when anxious, but most of the time I try and keep it internalized so I don't strain the other person. Been doing okay at conversing, but a complete oaf at 'being a friend'. Had a couple instances of somebody wanting to do an activity, suddenly find it nerve wracking, and I start avoiding my inbox. I guess that's gotten slightly better too. I played chess with Roni a couple times, and traded Pokemon with another user.

    Taking it in tiny steps. One big leap was when a friend on here convinced me to get on a live phone call. I catastrophized that so badly, but it wasn't as bad as I thought in my head. Still, I will probably never do that ever again.

    I pet the Kangaroos, didn't pet the Emu's. I love animals but I wouldn't say I'm a huge bird person. Still, I was happy simply being in the presence of them. Simiarily, I have a preference for dogs over cats.

    One of my favorite artists is Eddie Van Halen. It's not really the heaviest music, but I still like the instrumentals. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bq-potK_7Ts). Still more of a morning person. At night I start getting checked out.

    Never heard of mi goreng but hope you had a good time with it. I had a beignet for the first time last week, which is a fried french donut. Hoping to make my 10,000th post on here soon so that'll be pretty neat. I might be around the TV camera, hopefully our seats end up slightly above that. It's a 3 hour show so being seated right on camera angle might be an exhausting realization. I wouldn't mind if it panned across us once or twice.

    I do appreciate how Mario Kart 8 doesn't lag online. Can't recall if I have played any other online games aside from Smash Brothers and Mario Kart, but the former does have serious lag problems.
    They released new Mario Kart stages this morning. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xBly7QHQkYA&t=67s&ab_channel=Nintendo

    I tried them and liked almost all of them. Sky High Sundae is a new original stage which I thought was neat. Sydney Sprint was my favorite out of the tour stages so far. This is also my favorite iteration of Kalimari Desert.

    Not sure if I'm renewing the expansion pass come October. I've gone through most of the content and the forced $50 instead of allowing to pay in small amounts per month isn't something I like.
    My family is planning a trip to Wrestlemania. It's basically a "season finale" of sorts for WWE fans held in a stadium. Very large event which is usually attended by an audience of between 80,000-100,000 people.

    I've never gotten to go. Even though it's a couple years off, I'm very excited at the prospect. It's like a childhood dream for me to see one of these shows.

    The televised WWE show I'm attending is in a couple weeks too, and I'm very eager for it. (Will actually be my first one. Only been to small non filmed events). The TV episodes are much more extravagant.
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