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    No, really, don't ever talk to me again. Here are three reasons why:

    1) The ONLY reason I deleted my rant is because I decided you were not worth the red card I would recieve for posting it. Lance already cited me for it, so little good that did me. Trust me, if it weren't for PokeCommunities rules, I would've kept it up there on that pathetic bundle of HTML you call a profile page.

    2) You called me "fascist scum." I support free market principles, the freedom of choice in the market, the prevention of monopolies, equal rights for gays, and I hate the cronyist fusion of business and government. None of those principles hold any fascist connotations, so not only are you presumptuous, you're also wrong.

    3) I don't like you.

    There you have it. Enjoy the rest of your day. Or don't, I couldn't care less.
    Might I just tell you, you are bullying a 19-year-old for his views, when he was only 16, the guy was still a teen and you think he is a bad person for his Christian views? He isn't homophobic, if he was, then he would be showing more "homophobic" tendencies, but, he doesn't, so you're just accusing him of nothing really...
    There, you just accused him of "homophobia" again and blatantly called him gay, which, he isn't... His haters are more homophobic... And, kid, haven't you ever heard of the term "big enough and ugly enough"? It means you should start being more independent and wiser. Dude, seriously, get over yourself, you don't have to pick on a celebrity who has clearly done nothing to you and you obviously believe the bullsh*t TMZ feeds you, because, he never called a girl a "beached whale", nor did he ever "spit on fans". He did spit, but, not on fans. TMZ has woven many false tales about him, it ain't funny. He isn't a low life who picks on someone for no reason or just to be "cool", he is much better than that! What he needs is help and NO-ONE is giving it to him, he should never have been hated in 2009 - 2013, but, some people didn't have anything better to do with their lives and they decided to hate on a young innocent artist who did nothing to them... The hatred is one of the things that turned him into a douche, and when he was doing all these crazy things, it was a clear cry for help, but, no-one helped him, his manager found who knows how many other artists (one who was already famous on Nickelodeon) and started focusing on them, when Justin hit 18, his mother gained quick fame with her auto biography, so he had no-one to help him.

    The hatred towards him was mostly bandwagon hate, they loved to use the opinion card, just to fit in...

    It was also the fame that made him this way and also breaking up with Selena...
    Do I care? No, honestly, you think you creeps can go around making false claims that Justin is "talentless" and "gay" and hate on him for no real reason? Yet, he isn't allowed to apparently dislike anime or have Christian views? If he does hate Anime, then I am glad, it got most of his haters butthurt (typical anime geeks). You are big enough and ugly enough to get over him and stop hating on someone who clearly has done NOTHING to you, look at Nash Grier (vine star) he is making "homophobic" claims, yet, he isn't hated for it, but Justin is, oh, yeah, it's because he is Justin Bieber.
    Sorry, but I have my own Protean Froakies now, with a nature I like. Although that does explain why someone else messaged me the other day about the same thing. I'll have to edit that post.
    Hey there, would you mind taking another look at the rules in the Pokemon Claim thread and editing your post? I'd be happy to add them after that!
    Sorry for wrong text... Here's the fixed one!

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