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  • I missed this Hi hi! There's a PC discord? that sounds chaotic. And not much. My cat is fun!
    Hi! It's been ages! Also serious mood. I wish I was brave enough for onesies haha.

    I'm not in recruiting. It's... Interesting.

    How have you been?
    lmao rip. FFN is either super dead or full of jerks.

    Ooh I wish you luck this was not the year for it.

    It's awesome but now they think they can ease out of it and I'm working to find a new job.

    Same though. I hope you're okay too!
    wow pc thanks for not telling me this was here.

    ooh gosh, That one is hopefully after like: two others bc I'm trying to finish some shorter stuff bc I *know* where Blues Notes is going it's so FUN.

    I think it might be lottery base. Oh god I believe it though trying to get good tickets *bites*.

    I am stuck at mostly WFH. My mom got it way early on but otherwise we've been ok. And I did keep my job thank goodness.
    Hello friend!

    I got your pm, just letting you know I'm working up a response in the next couple of days, and you're a cool penpal. No worries!

    Can't wait to catch up soon <3

    lol legit I forgot to answer and so am I.

    Oh my god that's adorable. I'm so pleased I got to someone and no one knew. And yeah I closed PMs a *long* time ago due to the pkmn fandom and I'm way too lazy to go back to it.

    I do kinda wanna go to san diego comicon one day. You know, when we're safe.

    I hope you're doing well!
    Oops xD so am I. I'm at a different con this weekend.

    That's so awesome tho! Have a good time!

    I think around $200?

    Life is busy but good!
    Yep yep!

    Yeah! It was fun! I saw no one really it wasn't a great con unfortunately. And good part some of the time. XD
    Writing out before posting :D


    It was supposed to say con. Damn. But I met a friend out there and saw a lot of dogs and got lost. It was a good time. And honestly, you go. Schoolwork sucks.
    I'm backlogging that but I need to update it all soon.

    Aw yay!

    I'm going to NYC this weekend.going to a concert and stuff. :D you?
    The fic is going well! Slow but we'll! I hate being busy.

    Ooh!!!! Congrats! I'm so happy for you!
    Oh my goodness hi! And I did, I'm at full time now for $12 an hour it's great! It was a good, quiet summer. How was yours?
    Thankfully no I don't. I'm often getting up though, which is okay. How about you?
    It's a dull job but yeah I ! I'm making more money now and it's good! How are you?
    Ooh nice. Oh darn auto correct. Life is busy but I need a new job. I think I meant the longer stories.
    It's supposed to be a chapter. I just haven't had time to update it. Once it gets done we'll be going down the athletic of longer stories. Because the disease in the backstory can't have too much coverage.
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