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  • The first fic, Yellow Adoption, is our. I'll be done with that after I finish backlogging. Then onto the RGB arc
    I'm going back to that! I'm starting small with it this time, building up that universe.

    Great! Somewhat. Stillwater job hunting but that can't be helped. You?
    Hi! I saw you sent me a message but for some reasons I can't open it D: Sorry
    It's okay it's been busy XD yeah take your time.

    I am officially graduated and it feels nice. Wish I had more money though.
    Hi! So I'm aware that your message is practically a year old, but long time no see!! As of last year I've graduated from university and I'm currently doing marketing for an e-commerce company. How have you been? School? Work? Life? Even though I haven't logged in for about a year, I think this time I'll have time to hang out here a little more often. With school over and I've gotten used to work a little more I think I'll be able to take more times for my hobbies.
    Lol I know the feel. I spent a weekend on it. Yeah the wonder trade and pokerefresh combo is boss. And... Hm. I have to say Litten because there are so many fairies now. And no you can just resend it to the game from the demo.
    There is set post game. It's pretty quick though.

    Ooh let me know how that goes. I played with popplio and got a Rowley in wonder trade xD
    I did! It was fun! I'm still finishing sun though. I did Litten and Popplio!

    I think you use less bags if you can xD or reside bags. We reside bags at home.
    I have no idea xD but probably.

    Yeah as a cashier we don't get chairs at most places. The other store lets you have a chair as a cashier.
    Novella or chap book specifically because we don't have enough time for a novel. And yeah it's creative writing and Interdisciplinary of Children's Literature and Theater for the young.

    Yes yes, it would.

    I think it is, but they still hv the option of a chair. At my job we usually don't.
    Well, I have to do two, so one is basically a novella (or a chapbook) and the other... I have no idea because my major still hasn't been changed yet to having two. Well, I mean looking for any job that wil give me insurance will help. And that's very true.

    Maybe. I need one. XD
    We get to pick but we can't do anything for kids,which kind of stinks. Uh... honestly, just to prove you're learning.

    Uh mostly looking for anything with insurance or lets me sit down. As it is my current place only does the forer.
    Nope, that's time i could spend doing ither things. And I'm not sure what capstone is going to be for either case, but assunedly papers. And a little bit, i need to hubt a bit more.
    I have to do two projects to be presented (I think?) at a symposium and to graduate with a double major And yay!
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