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  • Hello Avara!
    Enjoying holidays, in a sense. What about you? What have you been doing lately?
    Well, I would say stuffs come in package and there is no one complete package. I have sacrificed 5+ years of seniority and a solid promotion to start afresh in my hometown to stay with my family. The sacrifice is worth or not, I don't know, really! But, my family is happy and seeing them happy makes me happy, that's all I know...
    Enjoy your rest, until life gets hectic once again. Looking forward to giving the beta a spin one more time! : )
    Wow! I feel privileged, thanks!
    So, how's life treating you these days? ; )
    Also, would you mind adding the link for the latest beta in the MoT PC download section?
    Hey Avara!
    I am doing good, and yes, I have decided to move on from discord. Was there for a couple of pokemon rom hack servers anyway, and I think PC is a better place for all things pokemon. I am missing the frequent chats I had with you on discord, though! By the way, you won't abandon me just because I left discord, would you?
    Would you be open to having somebody port your work from PokeCommunity threads to GitHub? Primarily thinking about the Simple Modifications Thread and the Scripting Tutorial.

    I would maintain the latter, and the community could collaboratively update and maintain the former - you could edit the OP telling people that a more complete list exists there, so you wouldn't have to maintain it anymore.
    Im creating a tool to help insert Tileset and Im looking for experience people to share ideas and provide feedback. If you wanna help contact me via Discord.
    Discord: marcode3#8575
    I found another 2 features that are not featured in the main post of the Simple Modifications Directory

    I just wanted to ask where I should post the map I made for my ROM Hack for feedback?

    Thankyou in advance.

    Yep! I haven't gotten around to posting any hack threads or anything, but I'm around <3
    Sup Avara. This feature posted by Diego Mertens seems to be missing in the Simple Modifications Thread's main post too.
    Your [XSE] Scripting Tutorial is the reason why i joined this community, awesome work, you're an absolute badass.
    Yo Avara, the main post of the Simple Modifications Thread is missing this modification posted by Ghoulslash.
    Hi I've just been watching some videos of your mirage of tales rom hack but I can't find a download like anywhere can you help me please as it looks amazing thanks
    Hello there, I'm extremely sorry it seems like I accidentally posted a blank thread into Rom Hacks Studio section, I was checking how a thread works and I accidentally pressed the wrong button, I'm extremely sorry.
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