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  • eh crap forgot to reply to this earlier today like I was gonna

    We were supposed to battle on the 3DS. The tournament needs to get a move on though so we're gonna have to skip our matches for now. But what I'm gonna do though is advance you along in the 3DS version but not the Wii U one. I already have a spot in the finals for the Wii U one and don't think it'd be very fun if I'm in both finals, particularly with all the drop outs and missed matches and stuff.
    I'm free mostly all day today too, so whenever you wanna do it is fine.
    Well....Tuesday night would alright

    you have a match to do with Klippy as well, do you think you can do both?
    Honestly I'd rather not wait any longer than the end of Monday
    Hey, so....Smash tournament is finally moving a bit again....and now you and I have to fight again. But on the 3DS. Lemme know when you can.
    That wasn't my first time using Lucina actually. She's my 2nd most used character :x

    But I figured it'd show that my Lucina is kinda....unrefined (especially since I play Robin twice as much as her). she's kinda built almost entirely on simply playing really

    GGs though....even though I'm not sure what happened at the end of the first one either lol
    mmm so sometime we gotta do matches on the Wii U for the Smash tourney. When's a good time for you?
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