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  • Aa, Avishka! Gosh, I've been really bad at responding to VMs. How have you been?
    Soon is relative but I'll get there eventually. I'm long past the point where I worry about it constantly after four years lol

    Stick with it, you still have to discover my miracle cure :p

    No rush on the Discord, just message in the morning or something.
    Well for one thing, I'm still sick so I have a fair amount of time for PC :')
    I'm working on other things though and am otherwise doing pretty well. I'm glad you're doing well. What happened with medical college?
    Clearly xD
    I was just checking in before bed really.

    Do you have a Discord so we can keep in touch more easily?
    AVISHKA!!! It's been a long time. Sorry I haven't been in touch but I don't really use Skype anymore cause it got crappy. How have you been?

    It might actually be less stuff? Two of the sections I had are gone now... oh but I did pick up A&M and BSS so maybe it balances out lol.
    bán biệt thự vinpearl Đà Lạt là dự án nghỷ dưỡng trên núi đầu tiên
    giá bán vinpearl nam hội an chỉ cần chi ra từ 4 tỷ sở hữu biệt thự nghỷ dưỡng 5 sao
    time flies when youre having fun xD
    meh who cares haha i like your theme :p
    lol Im thinking of just doing a sig with one word in it at this point :3
    the application iteself is simple but individual college requirements and essays are such a pain :o
    ohhhhh well thats good! What are you going for in college?
    Just rewatching rwby after finishing game of thrones basically haha. oh! and i just got on christmas break so happppppy. But i do have a bunch of projects i gotta do >.>
    I guess adding each other on skype would be best :)

    I don't see any point in exchanging numbers or anything cos of obvious reasons like distance, etc
    You were studying medicine right? So you can come here and fix me obvs.

    Nothing much really. I'm doing a lot of writing and I watch a lot of tv/anime and listen to a lot of music. Aside from PC that is my life lmao.
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