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  • Yeah I here that
    lol wows its been so long but it doesnt seem that long haha
    yeah i get that. I haven't changed mine in like 2 months xD
    its suchhhhhh a pain. Like people want me to change my theme and im like ill get to it but then theyre like your sig css has been used so many times and i just cant even put in the effort to make a new one right now
    lol its only been 5 months :3
    Stess plus business plus college applications which encompass both haha. Lifes been good but the business is just sooooo annoying. But wbu? Howve you been during your hiatus?
    Seriously yes.
    I'm still sick but I'm doing reasonably well otherwise. How are you?
    Oh damn... sorry about that, life happened, didn't had much people to talk to in PC, so yeah... \:v/

    Errr... i guess skype or something equivalent would be great?
    Yupp! Sorry. *hugs*

    Really glad to know you're doing well, sweetie! How's school and how's your twin sister? :3
    Awh why not? Busy or just no incentive?
    They actually did! I got my scores back a day or two ago and Im pretty happy with all of them
    lol well you dont have to change your theme every couple days
    I mean i do that but then again I just like coding haha
    What do you wanna change it to? :3
    I recognise the name from watching anime, but we don't have anything like that here outside of private tutors lol.

    The avi looks good. You should do a pie theme though.
    Haha same i really need to get on more :3
    lol lucky I hate tests although most are fine but finals are coming up so thats a whole new thing :P
    Coaching classes?
    Nuuuu RIP Phone
    Just PCing really. I'm a very exciting person I know. Wbu?
    Been doing well, and been in Pokemon Sun & Moon hype mode given we're likely getting new information revealed later.
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