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  • Hey dude.

    Here are some pretty cool offsets you will want:

    0xD1F340 - Your HP Box
    0xD11B84 - Your HP Box Palette
    0xD11B84 - Your Pallette for like the text, colours for HP (Green, red, orange)

    0xD1F604 - Enemy Box

    I can't really explain how replacing will go, it is extremely messed up as the text in the boxes contain their own background, so best of luck.

    If you get anywhere useful please let me know!
    Sorry for never answering but I haven't planned to go back and do any more but as a request I could do something quick if you still want it.
    I totally forgot about the school kid sprite, sorry, is it fine if I do it tommorow? (I started it, but I have to finish it)
    hey dude.. can you help me insert my new tiles if you find a bit of time? im trying to learn how it just isnt coming to me :( thanks if you can!
    Not everything from 900000 to 96FFFF is used, but thats the space I will utilise.
    907000 is eventually going to be used by further move effects and battle scripts.
    If you want to add anything new, start at 970000.
    Oh right! Uh yeah I guess applying my patch, and then putting JPans thing again, should be fine. I haven't tested that but I guess it makes sense. It's not just the deleting, if you have changed the map sizes and the map names it might prevent the thing from being read in advancemap. My recommendation would just be to start again, and copy the maps and things over into the new rom.
    I thought you said Jpan's Engine Patch was already on the rom?
    If you've changed maps or map names and pokemon names information etc.
    Then the hack won't be compatible with my patch at all.
    If you had not used Jpan's thing you could probably have used it.

    My patch only works with Jpan's engine if you apply my hack FIRST. Because my thing decapitalises the scripts, so because the scripts are removed and where they were is now code, bits of it will be overwritten with decapitalised words.
    What do you mean by offsets that are affected? The only things that are changed are moves, abilities, type information etc.
    Basically all the patch information is in the region 900000-96FFFF

    It doesn't change trainer or sprite offsets back to the vanilla ones, it just changes the default Fire Red text.

    Patches don't work by being able to choose where to put offsets, it would need a custom tool and would require a LOT of repointing even in the tool (which I wouldn't
    be able to program anyway) due to the nature of battle scripts and ASM abilities.
    Don't use Advance Trainer, use Jambo51's Trainer editor. It has a customisable ini.
    To make it work change the settings under BPRE in the ini to this:

    This is what your TrainerEditor config settings under BPRE should look like to make it work:

    Oh, I'm actually doing both.

    Stonehenge is for about a month in the Spring.

    I'll be back in time to relax a moment, and go to training. Hopefully I'll be cleared to second round.
    Well, I'm certainly glad to hear that! The project's going pretty great. We're still working on the graphical overhaul.

    However, I've been rather busy. I've recently come across two opportunities.

    1, I've been accepted to go on the archaeological dig site of Stonehenge in Amesbury, Wiltshire with David Jacques. He's recently made some breakthroughs in that field.

    2, I've been accepted to go to training for the CIA in the summer.

    Very, very exciting.
    Ok now it should be finally fixed.
    Logged the Palette-Viewer and everything is fine in time ;)
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