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  • could you please give me the game base (ini.) to be able to modify the attacks, abilities, sprites, etc.
    Disculpe su rutina debe de ir así:

    Excuse your routine should go like this:


    .equ largest_pocket_size, 0x64
    .equ largest_pocket_size_plus_one, 0x65
    .equ strings_size, 0x9DD

    .org 0x08002B9C
    push {lr}
    mov r1, r0

    .org 0x081083F4
    push {r4, lr}
    ldr r4, =(0x0203AD18)
    mov r0, #0x65
    lsl r0, r0, #0x3
    bl malloc
    str r0, [r4, #0x0]
    cmp r0, #0x0
    beq return
    ldr r0, =strings_size
    bl malloc
    str r0, [r4, #0x4]
    cmp r0, #0x0
    beq return
    mov r0, #0x1

    pop {r4}
    pop {r1}
    bx r1
    Took you more than a month but thanks.
    Hey azurile, I have questions here.

    Did you use the Expansion of TMthread? Because it can only let me have 92 working TMS.

    And, are you planning to release some of your ability codes in FR like cheek pouch and etc.?
    Azurile, I wanted to know if you were aware of a bug in Nameless I'm experiencing where, after beating the E4, I can only take a few steps in Palette Town before the game goes black. I'm not sure of the cause, but is there any information or files I could give you for you to look into it?

    Nov. 12 UPDATE: I messed with difficulty options and sometime afterward, text which read "off was turned off." appeared. Following that, I was able to play normally.
    Azurile, in the Firered project I didn't see anything talking about the Pokemon that only evolve through trade. Taking this into question, did you fix that so the Pokemon evolve through other means?
    What're HA Pokemons in your FireRed project?
    hello azurile13 i love your hack but there something thats bothering me since i beat the main game and all i wanted to use circos pokemon editor to add pokemon into the game at lv 100 so i can battle with freinds and cousins just like in ORAS but whenever i do that i get either a bad egg or the game completely crashes do you know whats the cause of this? and if so how would i be able to fix it if i can do it on my end
    hi azurile~
    how did you disable badge stat boosts? or is this a secret of the trade that i can't know?
    i've been looking through idb like a lot with 0 luck in identifying anything

    sorry for inconvenience...
    Hey what's up? Is it possible that you could tell me how you managed to fix Flame Body to give it the proper field effect in Firered? Nobody has figured it out in the Ability Resource thread, so I was really surprised to see you had it.
    for the stats can u teach me how you did it with an assembler because im about to go through stats now and i dont want to take ages doing stats
    Hello azurile13 I wanted to ask you how did you program the evolution stones such as the dusk stone,shiny stone etc. to work I have them in my rom and made it so the evolution method for example Murkrow is with dusk stone that's what I put in G3HS but when I test it in game it didn't work it shows that I can use it but when I click on him it says it has no effect.

    Also I don't know if this will be relevant or change the answer you may give in anyway but these stones are all past the sitrus berry because I was reading one tutorial that says that the stones have to be before the sitrus berry?
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