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  • Hey hey long time no see, I hope you've been doing well too! Happy belated holiday season and new year. :D

    I hope the search goes well in finding like-minded people to click with, let me know what else you come across. I don't find it spam like at all and I'd like to hear more about it! Gaia Online brings back memories... I wanted to sign up for it as my sister had an account but I was under 13. I remember being excited at how many options there were to decorate your avatar, hahaha. Agree with it capturing the spirit of the earlier internet, for sure. Speaking of earlier Internet, I got super into Maplestory the other week again after having played it on and off for the last decade. It still feels the same even with a lot of new classes and EXP boosts, I love it. It's still nostalgic for me.

    Forums seem to be quieter nowadays so it's harder to find super active ones :( I read over the thread you posted from that forum and that does sound like it had a lot of drama. Have you been able to reconnect with anyone you knew on that forum? Could be fun to get in touch and see what people are up to all those years later. It's always nice being able to reconnect with people you haven't seen in a long time.

    My computer is having trouble loading the Yale website but it was... an experience. I'm not sure if it was just my computer not properly loading the formatting but yeah I'm with you there ;; Hopefully they get someone to redo the website. The Windows websites are a lot of fun, the first website was added a few months before I was born. I realise the Internet has been around since before then but it's still mind blowing. I've never heard of Windows RG, did you ever use it? I can't imagine how painful it would have been to work around those crashes...

    I liked the Windows 93 one too, seeing the Rayquaza head icon reminded me of those custom cursors you used to be able to download on your computer. I loved those so much, wonder if I could still get one now. :'D

    Pigeon film database?! I need it but I don't think it's loading on my end :( I think there are similar websites where you can specify what you want to see/don't want to see in a film, such as knowing if a dog appears. The name of the site escapes me but I'll try find it later.

    I love the idea of the bus stop one and it's cool that people still seem to be using it. Maybe I'll leave a message there sometime. I wonder if this site has always been popular as I've never heard of it but it still seems fairly active. That last website was so nice @ how it was set up with the car driving down the highway. I forgot it was trying to advertise to clients as I was caught up in how nice the art was. There's something super peaceful about being up at night when the rest of the world is quiet so I'm with you on that one. I also really like the last one for that reason, the screenshot you shared has a late night feel. I've heard the word but I'm not sure what a zine is, what are they? :O

    It's so cool how many different types of websites you've come across, how do you find all of these? As someone who only goes on the same few websites, I'm going to be taking more of a look around the web now. :D
    Haven't heard of Kentucky Route Zero before but I just looked it up and it sounds promising - seems like it's a game focused purely on the story-telling and immersing the player in the experience? I do think that a game centred around road trips could be enjoyable - some of my best memories in life are associated with road trips I have either taken with friends or family. I also remember you mentioning your road trip to Chicago which has stuck with me for a while, not sure why but it just sounded magical to me! Oooo The Last Night also has a wonderful art style - hahahah I saw someone describe it on Wikipedia as "Blade Runner + delicious pixels", not sure how accurate that description is but sounds intriguing. Will definitely look into both games.

    Huh Michael Bay seems to have great ideas about how cinematography works in that video, what was going on with the directing though in terms of lines like the one at 3:27. :') It's interesting that he is so criticised for the actual substance of his films but people seem to like his cinematography! Does make me a little motion sick. In fairness I think almost anything can make me motion sick - I've never been able to play games like Borderlands or Overwatch properly because I get super nauseous after a bit. No idea why they banned that last game as it sounds tame on the surface but our government for some reason, can be strict about what content we get to consume? I've actually never heard of a video game being banned here though so that's interesting.

    Mostly just depends on what I am feeling - I'll have a genre or plot idea in mind and look up book recommendations based on that. I'll also listen to friends if they recommend good books which is how I coincidentally got into Ishiguro and Tartt the first time around. My reading taste is all over the place - as long as the plot is intriguing to me, I'll read it. Sometimes I'll also read books that require lower effort as its harder to find time to commit to dense books that I have to stop and think about a lot. How about you, how do you choose which books to read? I saw a video on Normal People the other day where someone reads all the books that were mentioned in Normal People and reviews them! Thought that was an interesting approach to choose which book to read next...

    That's an interesting way to read books - I have no idea how you make yourself get through books that are dull but admire your perspective on it. What's the worst book you have ever read, out of interest? I think a lot of people are average at literary analysis - English Literature seems like it would be an interesting degree when I watch videos of people discussing their coursework/essays/readings for it on Youtube or hearing it first-hand but in practice would definitely struggle so much if I ever had to do it. Same with film school, I feel like it could be interesting but I am way too casual to dedicate my studies to it :'D
    Wow it actually transfers so well - I love it. :D

    Also cool to hear that you got back into League for a bit, congrats on getting up to Gold! No idea how you pushed through the toxicity to get there. Yeah.. I think that's definitely one part of it I don't miss but if I ever do play League these days its with friends, there is a lot less toxicity at least? With all the changes they made over the past few years, I still feel like I'm totally new at the game, I spend half the time going ??? Who is that??? What did that just do??? but I think I've re-familiarised myself. Zoe and Jhin both sound like fun choices. Do you play any other video games?

    Mm I haven't read Ancient Greek literature but there is a lot of fascination around it. I think it could be interesting but poems let alone ones from that era are one I would find difficult to understand and process. I know there are some books that have been written about Ancient Greece in the 20th-21st century but all the ones I can think of are for young adults. Would be cool to read more about the culture though, it seems interesting. I had no idea Ishiguro had a new novel actually, I should keep up with what he is releasing but tend to just get surprised when new books come out. I'll have to look it up. Do you have any books released recently that would be an interesting read? I have an endless backlog but am always keen to hear more and just read whatever I find most interesting. Speaking of Donna Tartt, I have tried to read novels outside The Secret History and was reading The Goldfinch a few months ago. It was very good for the first 200 pages, am 400 pages in and its getting slow with about half the book left... hopefully it will pick up again. I'd be interested to read more bildungsroman similar to the ones done by Tartt and Ishiguro though.

    Also The Trial sounds super interesting, let me know how it is! I would love to be able to understand the deeper themes of books better but English literature was my worst subject in HS actually. I do love reading but feel like I miss the point a lot of the time as I tend to read novels for fun rather than stopping to take in the meaning. I love hearing people talk about what they thought but none of it is intuitive to me. My friend loves reading all sorts of books and her understanding of them is incredible which I admire a lot.

    Hahahah I might if I get that stuck - my assignment is killing me at the moment but would probably be a breeze for most people. It is just an introduction to economic statistics but my lecturer overcomplicates the explanations so I found myself feeling so lost. I haven't watched Khan Academy since I was studying in primary school but it turns out he does a ton of courses including basic statistics so that has been a godsend. I'm just very keen to get it over with... for me it is the opposite. Law is much more intuitive to me than statistics but I was always very much a person who just memorised Math concepts to do well in it on HS rather than understanding. :') The LSAT though... sounds like it'd be very difficult. Any of those entrance tests would be stressful, like the ones for medicine.
    Can I just say your latest avatar is a solid 1000000000/10

    Ooh sounds fun - especially being able to summon a bird! I remember trying Terraria for a few hours and getting hopelessly lost during that time. MC is so pretty with shaders and it would definitely be my go to if I wanted to do more creative work like building a house. I think I've seen people build scaled versions of real cities on MC which blows my mind.

    That's awesome, hope you enjoy grad school! Finding the will to do work is always hard but it seems like you had an interesting week with the reading and those style transfers :D Hahaahahha they made me laugh when I first saw them, I'd be very down to see more.

    I feel that though, I used to think I could do anything with minimal effort and as a kid that led to a lot of frustration outside of academics that if I was not good at something instantly it was time to give up on it. Also that book sounds really interesting, I'm fascinated by how he hasn't written a single word in 10 years? That's like another level of powerful. I'll have to check it out and give my thoughts later but will definitely put it at the top of my reading list! I actually went to a secondhand book fair the other day which was like Christmas because so many books were selling at $2 so my to read list is growing at an alarming rate especially with the stack of unfinished library books I still have at home. But reading is great. I want to read more but seem to never have the time... maybe I'll replace browsing my phone boredly with reading instead when I can! What else have you been reading/are planning to read :O

    Law classes are interesting! There's a little bit of philosophy but I am doing an introductory course which basically just examines how English law has influenced Australia's law and also introduction to torts, how the tort of negligence developed through precedent (like cases being treated alike till we got to where we are now) which always has some really interesting cases that are so bizarre? Also there are so many technicalities in terms of when something is one tort or not like assault, battery, false imprisonment... I don't know it's definitely hard to get used to the class format but it's fun. A lot of class discussion based off the readings as opposed to having to listen to a lecture in class! It's a lot of work so I am very behind for stats which I'm putting off because Maths physically hurts my brain
    Those sound like super fun champions - I really enjoy LeBlanc in URF. Haven't played the other two that much (Viktor always seemed intimidating to pick up?) but am all for villain mid laners :D And yeah that's understandable, League is fun but sinking thousands of hours into it did always make me wonder if I could be picking up another hobby in my free time. Terraria has always sounded great - how far along have you guys played? I think I tried it out for a few hours but couldn't get the hang of it, Minecraft was definitely a lot more intuitive :')

    That sounds terrifying!!! Best of luck with it working out and let me know how everything goes with grad school. The uncertainty of not knowing is the worst :( And yeah I think because people decide right after high school, I see quite a few people switching degrees. I met a girl from my HS the other day that switched over from Commerce to Optometry after a year which was unexpected? I chose to do a double degree since its a requirement for the law undergraduate degree at my university (I guess they want more well-rounded graduates!) but also because I could not stand the thought of doing commerce as a career. I thought initially that I would gain an understanding of commerce to practically help NFPs but I dislike it too much. So I figured I would do law instead as I was really passionate about the subject in HS. Definitely had to push through a lot of imposter syndrome to switch over but I don't regret it so far! As for why I stuck with Commerce as my other degree, I guess I wanted it as a backup but the overall intention is to go into law - I did think about just starting over and doing law/journalism or law/arts where I could major in Politics and IR but for some reason am attached to the idea of finishing my Commerce degree since I've already done a year... I guess having 5 yrs left vs 4 is nothing in the grand scheme of things but it sounded exhausting.
    I haven't seen much Kassadin these days so I reckon he's OK now! What did you used to play in terms of roles/champions when you played League? League is fun but it takes up way too much of my time if I'm not careful so I try to take a break from it during the school term. Right now I don't feel that into it so I haven't played in a few weeks. I was always very casual though, all of my friends who play League dedicate much more time into it than I do. I think it's nice they like it so much and at times I do want to play better so I can have more fun games but the effort just isn't there for me. I might come back to play featured game modes when they're up though (they had all random URF recently which was fun!)

    :( That really sucks, your professor sounded cool. I always love it when professors have stories to share. That's also a difficult decision - I feel like it'd be cool to do graduate school in a different country but also given the state of the US right now, I wonder if their graduate school would change in terms of how its run? Like if you'd be able to attend in-person or it'd just be online all the time? Whichever one you choose sounds exciting though, congrats on being accepted to a program already! Law is quite different in Australia - it is offered as an undergraduate degree (3 years) but I'm doing a double degree with commerce (business) so my degree is 5 years. Law school admissions overseas sound very stressful as I transferred in through university grades - I didn't know I wanted to do law right after HS but otherwise normally, most people just get in through high school grades. Hm I don't know how the difficulty compares but from what I understand, our degree is the same as what you'd expect from 1st year law school in the US in terms of content :D
    Hahahhah it's great, I can't wait to use an intercontinental missile to defeat my opponent the next time I play chess!! Maybe I'll actually win for once

    Sorry to hear the class got cut short, did they not move it online after the pandemic? :( Also graduate school sounds exciting, what were you thinking of going for? We did have online uni for most of my 1st year which was a little sad but it had its pros - having so much time at home definitely freed up a lot of time to do other hobbies. And university societies still were running (though mostly online) so it wasn't too bad in terms of meeting people! This year I'm in-person for law classes so the sudden shift is very ??? but I'm still trying to do all my business classes online as it's nice having days off at home.
    i have no idea where you got that video but this might be the best youtube video I've ever seen, THANK YOU for this content. Where did you even find this

    journalling sounds like it could be really therapeutic, I have never tried it beyond the "this is what I did today" entries but I hope it works out! also I think the last time we talked was before the pandemic so how has quarantine and all been over there?
    Hellooo I know it has been forever but how has everything been? I saw your post in the reading challenge and thought I'd come say hi again :D Hope everything has been well!
    I'm finally getting to experience a 3 month break so time to live out a Northern Hemisphere summer?! I just finished all of my exams - my last one was in early November and (hopefully) I'll be going to university in mid February. So I haven't started yet but I'm waiting on results to drop next month - until then, I guess it's time to relax! I hope you've been going well, how has everything been going since we last spoke? ALSO I'm sorry for being super disorganised with replying, I got caught up in a lot of the last few months of HS but I should be a lot faster with replies now! I'm curious though, how was the transition for you from HS to uni? Was it a difficult one? And mm yea, I feel like you would forget your coursework over a long break - even here teachers insist on revising your material over summer break but who are they kidding. Also your birthday was in October from memory right because you mentioned the shared date with Chopin? Happy belated birthday! Hope you had a good one. <3

    Mm yeah I feel the same - I surprisingly did get a lot of exercise as a kid but more so from informal sports like tag, hide and seek... we also used to play this game called Cops and Robbers - am not sure if it's a universal game or not, but it's exactly what it sounds like! Oh and lots of others like 44 Homes, Bullrush etc. Not sure what the equivalents are overseas but they were tons of fun. OH man skiing sounds so fun and probably a lot easier to do in Canada, right? Can you do any cool tricks?! I've only been able to try skiing once having lived in Australia but it was fun. I remember skiing into a ditch by accident though because I couldn't figure out how to stop properly - good times I guess?!?! Hey that's really cool you played Badminton - I've noticed that TONS of Asians love to play Badminton but I'm not really sure why. It's interesting though. Dodgeball is also really fun. And that's fair - certain sports aren't for everyone I feel. Do you still play sports now or not really?

    Mm a lot of my friends in primary school were guys and then I ended up going to a HS for girls so the change in friendship dynamic was super strange to adjust to but it was a good experience. We were pretty similar with video games and there was definitely a lot of physical sports (running in the form of races) and also interests like video games. I can't really remember what girls were interested in. I think they spent a lot of time playing hand clapping games - not really sure how to explain any of them. Also arts / craft in general. And just chatting a lot from memory. I'm not sure how much things have changed but I imagine that's kinda similar to what most girls did in elementary school around the world?

    MAN that sounds rough I hope you got to celebrate your birthday properly, afterwards? What did you end up doing on your birthday afterwards? Happy birthday again! I hope the presentation went well. Mm Good Will Hunting was really good - unfortunately I have a pretty terrible memory for films after I watch them but I do still remember the scene at the park. Powerful. I've been trying to watch more movies now that I'm on break mostly just fun trash but am down for any movie recommendations if you have any? Have you had the chance to see any films recently?

    That sounds really fascinating - I'm not sure if I fully wrap my head around it but I've definitely never heard of the Mercers or Renaissance Tech. I'll definitely do some reading up on it. It's interesting to hear though how much they unfortunately influenced Trump's chance of winning - I wish they taught that sort of material in the social sciences at school but maybe that's something more covered at university? Still it's interesting hearing about actual cases in the real world then learning just the hypothetical importance or influence of hedge funds. Honestly haven't been reading too much on break (should change that) heh. I'm not sure how much reading will change between uni - I'll definitely probably look into some more non-fiction wide reading perhaps to help with my course next year and also because it's pretty interesting to read on topics like international politics depending on what kind of book it is. But yeah, I'm fascinated that there's a lot of interesting contemporary history that I never thought to look at and it's cool you're interested in it. :D
    Hey! This is an outrageously late reply but I sincerely hope you've been well! Last time we corresponded I was still in high school! Of course, I am a university student now and I'm finally starting to get my life together.

    Take care, hun! I hope to hear from you soon.

    - Lina
    I'm sorry for such a late reply! I do have a summer break but I feel like it is not as long as the ones that people have in Canada and the US. Apparently over there, it is almost three months or so?! Ours are relatively shorter, they're about a month and two weeks! But that changes when you finish high school and also get to uni and have a 4 month break every year, it's the best.

    That's one good part of Asian parents wanting their child to succeed! Did your parents ever make you try at hobbies such as sport, or not particularly? I feel like most Asians get forced into hobbies regarding instruments (piano, violin etc.) or art. But I don't hear too much about a focus on sports outside of perhaps table tennis / badminton. Revolutionary was a wonderful piece to listen to by the way. I feel like out of the two Chopin pieces I have heard so far, this, and Fantaisie Impromptu Op. 66 - he definitely seems to have very sweeping music as you put it? I am not sure if his playing style is similar for all his pieces but I have enjoyed those two very much. It's interesting how musical composers are influenced by the events occurring in their social context, but music in itself is a form of expression so it is understandable. I think one of my favourite pieces would be Claire de Lune by Debussy. It's hauntingly beautiful, for the lack of a better expression.

    I'll remember that when it hits October 17th! It is strange how we are connected to people sometimes. Happy birthday to you and I suppose (happy?) deathversary to Chopin on October the 17th. :p

    Oo, that's understandable! Who are your favourite historical figures of the 19th and 20th centuries? We have not particularly studied artist movements in school (have heard a lot of terms thrown around but not much background knowledge) so it'd be cool to hear about your opinion / take on those too. Galois sounds really impressive as a mathematician, to have solved such a mystery and at such a young age too. That's interesting to hear no such formula exists though - is there a simple explanation or is it hard to put down into words? Also speaking of Maths, I remember you saying you watched Good Will Hunting and I did get around to it in my school break! It was a fantastic movie. Whilst I did not have an understanding about the Maths, the overall ideas from the film were great and I adore Sean.

    Yeah poor Camilla :( I think her twin brother was called Charles from memory and I just kept picturing members of the royal family with all their posh names. Murakami is quite popular but I had never heard of him either till my friend (who is very into literature) introduced me. She has a similar taste in books so I gave it a go and ended up enjoying it a lot! A Wild Sheep Chase has been on my to-read list for a long time, and I am glad you found it fun and surreal! If you like the surrealist style, I find a lot of Murakami books have a very similar sort of theme but unique enough plots that it stays fun. As for favourites... hmm I did really enjoy Kafka on the Shore and whilst I have not fully finished yet, the Wind Up Bird Chronicle. Oo also After Dark, I think it's called? Norwegian Wood is good too. Have you been reading any new books lately?
    Thank you :D I still have a few to go unfortunately but I'm getting there! Still have two more internal school assessment tasks and then the final statewide exams that everybody takes in November. You then get a rank (based on your percentile and how well you performed against other students) and can use that to apply to universities. Our school term works differently to the US so I think news about acceptance would be in December - January!

    I'm glad you find enjoyment in both piano and philosophy - piano especially, as I feel like more people would really appreciate it if not for the fact they were forced into practicing, piano exams etc. I feel like a shared experience of Asian childhood is being forced to play the piano D: It's a beautiful instrument though. What sort of pieces do you enjoy learning to play on the piano?

    Hmm I find most parts of history interesting but I've always been fascinated by ancient history - particularly Ancient Rome and Greece. But I also enjoy learning about earlier European history: the Dark Ages, Medieval period etc. I feel like I should also explore Ancient China but haven't got around to it yet. By more modern history, would we be talking around the 18th century onwards? I'm curious to hear what parts of history you enjoy. I recently started learning about the USSR which has been interesting to learn about. Cambridge does sound incredible - thinking about all the alumnae that Cambridge holds and the type of people that have attended there... it'd be amazing to at least visit.

    Yeah the characters in A Secret History are all... unique, to say the least. Thinking about Bunny's character though... I feel like I can see why the novel progressed how it did. I feel like a tight knit liberal art college would be nicer in a sense - it'd be a lot easier to feel familiar with everyone, and form connections. Or maybe harder since there are less people! What has your university experience been like though? :o I actually have not read those Murakami books, definitely let me know your overall take once you finish them! Murakami in general does have quite an eccentric writing style though, it took a while for me to warm up to his books. Out of the ones I've read (Norwegian Wood, Kafka on the Shore, After the Quake, After Dark, Wind Up Bird Chronicle etc.)... I feel like all of them do make you think a lot about the meaning he was trying to create as some of the plot can be ????. Especially in Kafka, there were a lot of er... dodgy plot points
    Sorry to hear your week wasn't good at the time but I hope the rest of March has treated you well <3 I just finished my half yearly exams this week so its been a very long month. Here's to a nice April!

    Hmm the way I saw it - history in our senior year has a disproportionate workload compared to the amount it contributes to your overall final mark. It'a one of the most content intensive subjects and has some ???? assignments / tests so whilst it's a very enjoyable subject, I figured that I could enjoy it much more if I considered it an interest or hobby that I could learn out of school. In a way I think that has been good as I feel like having to study it so intently may have made it harder to stay interested or motivated in the subject. The US in general has really nice cities - they definitely are different to Australia's at least. Athens sounds wonderful. Do you remember much of what it was like, since you went when you were fairly young? And would you ever want to go back to Greece or to anywhere in particular in Europe?

    Not sure if you finished reading it but you'll see! The ending was very ???? Whoa hold up what's happening. The second part of the book in general is a blur of chaos

    Makes sense :D That sounds rough. I hope they're interested in medicine at least? It's still hard to comprehend the amount of Asians who undergo medical school as a matter of obeying their parent's interests. It's incredibly tough, and I feel like if you lack the passion for it that'd be absolutely gruelling.
    Oo, A Secret History has a lot of cultural references to other texts etc which is really cool!

    Hahahah, that perfectly captures the entire album. We're All Gonna Die x 57 is not the most joyful soundtrack to listen to but for some reason, Sufjan Stevens makes it quite... relaxing even though it is very melodramatic. :D

    Ooo the jazz + his voice was perfect together. It definitely is a song that could be played whilst travelling! Chicago sounds perfect, from what you've said - did you end up going to a lot of the major tourist attractions in the city? Architecture is incredible - it is part of why I enjoyed going to Europe so much and want to go back. There is something very breathtaking about seeing historical architecture (such as the Roman Forum) and how buildings were constructed hundreds, if not thousands of years ago. Modern architecture is also interesting!

    That does sound very haunting, and I can see why it is something you remembered based on the story. Ahh Stephen Hawking! That's really cool you had an interest in him and his work since you were young. I have a very small understanding of what he contributed (have never really found out as Physics hasn't been an area I've explored). Starting up a business is a risk but if it's what you want to do then I'd definitely suggest going for it, considering that the alternative option of research seems to pale in comparison. What sort of function would you be looking to offer with your business? If you ever do start it then let me know how it goes, that sounds really amazing!!
    Wait, did you say Sufjan Stevens?! I listened to some of their songs a few years ago! Haven't heard Chicago but just gave it a listen and it did a really great job at capturing the nostalgia he had. But that's really amazing that there's a song out there that captures your trip exactly. I remember listening to their Carrie and Lowell album a few years back, they're a very wonderful. Do you have any other albums that hold fond memories for you? Based off Chicago and also Casimir Pulaski Day (which came on autoplay just then), 'Illnois' sounds like a really promising and good album.

    Ahh, I see. That's understandable. Also graduating uni at 17?! Kinda reminds me of those stories about people aged 13 or 14 who end up being successfully admitted to schools such as Harvard and achieving their PhD by 16 or 17. Some people are truly incredible. That sounds good that you have a professor who has such connections though, sounds like he is very experienced. What would you be looking to do as a job after you graduate by the way? Would you be doing research in a sense, or?

    I'm glad you found something you were really passionate about early! For a long time I wanted to become a clinical psychologist (but then realised that whilst it would have been rewarding, wouldn't have really worked for me as I have never been too fond of studying science). But then I got to senior school last year and took subjects such as Legal Studies, Economics etc. which made me realise that I would be really interested in working in international relations as I've always wanted a job that can make an impact and help others and it would be in a field I'm interested in. Not sure if it will change again but for now it's what I'd be interested in, for sure. Did you ever think about going into any other degrees when you were younger, or were you always quite firmly set on going into maths?
    I agree, the ending was really emotional and well-done. It was a perfect ending to the novel. Also I remember you mentioning your Chicago trip! The one with your religious and close friend, right? The image of two people eating pancakes with steak at IHOP late at night was amazing, ahaha. How did it end up tasting by the way? Mmm you talked about that trip really fondly so I hope that novel helped you remember some good memories <3 I think that's one of the nicest parts about books - it allows us to remember some of our best memories, or feel like we are part of one that we've never experienced. Were you looking for a specific CD when you were browsing, or?

    Ahh GH Hardy, is he the one who expressed an appreciation for Pure Maths in his novel? It's really interesting hearing about all the authors you read as someone who isn't overly familiar with maths / philosophy. How do you end up discovering most of these authors? Also yes! The English high-brow attitude was really well-written. I love Stevens, ahhh.

    Hope your differential geometry went fine by the way! What do they teach at the uni level? And yea PC tends to pull people in when they have other things to be doing... it's almost 4pm on a Sunday afternoon and I have a lot of work to do but here I am. :D
    Any time, I'm really glad to hear you enjoyed it <3 My memory is hazy when it comes to those two novels as it has been a while since I read them but were there any particular moments or characters you enjoyed a lot? I'm not sure if you're looking for another recommendation but may I recommend The Secret History by Donna Tartt? It's a classic American campus novel which has a remarkably similar vibe to Never Let Me Go. I'm not sure how to explain the plot without spoiling too much but it gives a lot of insight into how individual's morals can be tested, and the consequences of acting too freely without thought. Definitely holds the same sombre vibe if you're into those novels (though I feel like it's not intended to be inspiring) so I'd recommend it if you ever want to pick up other similar novels.

    Also I am very sorry for not getting back to you on your PM yet ;; School started back up a few weeks ago and I kept trying to find a time where I could sit down to write out a proper thought out reply. I think I will have a lot more free time at the end of this week though, so I'll make sure to VM you my reply by then!
    Thank you so much! I've actually been accepted already! Regardless of that, I'm still trying to maintain my grades. Anyways, good luck to you as well.
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