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  • Hm. I still might not understand, but Ditto is still a pretty good Pokémon regardless ohohoho!
    Revenge killer? I don't think I understand? Which Pokémon or which type? Sorry I missed this convo, I must have skipped it by accident haha!
    Ah, hokey just means.... kind of sketchy or not as useful. There are great Pokémon that are Normal Typed like Tauros, Khangaskhan and Snorlax, but there are also the 'rodent' Pokémon and the gimmick Pokémon like Chatot and Smeargle (Smeargle is a handy Mimic Glitch Pokémon) and Ditto probably is the most useful Normal Type Pokémon in the entire series due to breeding!
    Gimmicks are a bit bleh for me. I do like Snorlax, but Raticate can learn Super Fang, though so he's okay in my book. There are a lot of hokey Normal Types out there though.
    I suppose. I don't really utilize the Normal Type though, really. I don't think I have a 'least' favorite, but Normal Type might be close. I hope they don't stick us with having the player character run around in those goofy hats in Pokémon moon and sun. I thought being able to change your hat and stuff was pretty cool in X & Y. Don't know why they'd revert back. Maybe due to space and storage issues, but I don't really think so.
    True enough. But to be fair, Poison is one of my favorite types to use. Probably now, more than ever due to new Fairy Pokémon coming out soon for sure!
    Ohohoho! Clever. Garbodor doesn't get enough good publicity, despite being able to learn some of Poison's best moves without having to breed them. I recently posted what Pokémon was the worst addition out of all the Pokémon in Generation V, and that was Archeops. Archeops is by far one of the worst Pokémon introduced since Sunkern.
    Thanks! But any fan is enough for me. Just... not the Bidoof fans, those people are a tad... strange. Regardless of being an HM slave. People hate Trubbish, but Trubbish has some really great moves and stats going for it.
    Been playing ever since Pokémon Blue version came to the US! Ninetales is a pretty good Pokémon! I like to use her occasionally. My favorite games? I don't know, I thought Pokémon Silver Version was really cool, and it made me pretty happy when I heard about the Soul Silver Version re-master.
    Hello! Glad to see you're still up and about! Just looking to make as many friends as possible on the forums! I like Electric and Steel Type Pokémon and Magneton is my favorite! How about you?
    Just noticed that you're a Liverpool fan, so I guess also a football fan (obviously :P). Gonna watch the Madrid Derby tonight - Real vs Atletico?
    I've seen few matches though since we don't have those channels :(
    I'm also fan of RMA in la liga. Btw it's in champions league finals. Madrid derby. Real vs Athletico.
    But alas I cant watch.
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