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  • psd is Photoshop lol. I had the gif made and ready to upload since 6 hours before my deathpost but internet was screwing up so it finally got posted 6 hours after it was prepared haha...

    And if I get resurrected as a ghost, then at least I can get a secret role for myself lol. But eh, only the GMs can tell. :P
    I've been preparing that gif on a psd file waiting for a really unexpected development to appear lol.

    Who would've thought it will be my death + Deceptio turning out to be the Feeder? :P
    Thanks man. It's actually designed with my RP character Renegade in mind. XD Since Hei is his face claim.
    Izzo dies from that? Well, I guess that's the only outcome, but it's not that clear that he dies right there. If anything, it could have been a small cut, so maybe filling out that part a bit more could make that more clear.

    More to come later! Haha
    Hey, I just wanted to thank you for being so patient with my review. I'm doing it a bit differently, and rather than separating it by chapters, I'm just going to review the entire thing, but keep it to how it flows and everything. There's not that many grammar mistakes and nitpicks to point out. So I don't think I need to cover them.

    Anyway, I should have it done within a couple days, so thanks again for being so patient as I work through it.
    Thanks for the review/critique session, I see what you mean with my writing being a bit overly wordy I suppose. Quite a bit of people say that actually, though it still seems to be a problem I guess lol. Maybe I might post another short story hopefully I'll get better as time goes on.
    Aha. We don't use voice chat, and most of us don't use their real names, or locations, but I can totally see your point. I'll try to keep you up-to-date with anything important that is talked about.
    Aha okay. We had some more indepth discussion about alchemy and artefacts in the skype chat. The idea is that the starting artefacts really aren't very strong. If you send me a PM with your skype name, I could add you to the group.
    I am wondering, for Mr. Mido, how many artifacts do you plan on giving him, and how strong do you plan on making them?
    Three chapters in a row? D: Slow down! :P Granted, the chapters aren't that long, but I'm also doing another review for a different fic so it'll be a bit until I get to those.
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