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  • Would making a thread about the lore of my au verse under the world building tag be alright to post in the Writer's Lounge?

    I don't have the energy to make yet another carrd when I already cannot maintain any of the carrds I've made.

    Since this wouldn't be written in the format of a story, just a heavy summary of the lore of my alternate genshin universe, basically.
    Yeah, that was me. As long as it's not breaking any rules, then I might still do that. I have about...9 (and more coming) side stories for my fanfiction.

    I'm in too deep with this story.
    Should I post side stories in their own separate thread or in the main thread when the fanfiction is live? I have some reservations about clumping my side stories and interludes together into the main story thread since some of them are an entire saga that if added into the main story would make some sections/chapters too long. (Ie, the 16,000 word interlude I talked about on Twitter a few weeks ago).

    If I make them separate threads, I'd label the side story thread as "<Fanfiction name> "Side stories and interludes".
    Small question, but should narrative poetry still be tagged as "poetry" or "other-fanfic/other original"?

    I already tagged it as poetry, but it's telling a story through acrostic sentences on the margins and is over 1k words, so just wanted to double checks.
    Hi Bay, hope you're having a nice day, it was amazing to meet and get to know you!
    (sorry 'bout the sudden message, BTW)
    Ohh, when i picked cool Glimmer as discord pfp I knew I had seen it before somewhere! It's your avatar here :D
    Sounds nice. I didn't find any shinies on my birthday either, oh well. Had work but I did get to have some cake at morning tea for it and all. =) May also have people over tomorrow afternoon/evening after work too.
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