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    I have no time, since my sleeping schedule's busted and I'm pushing past the 16-hour limit. I guess I'll just wait for some other time. Thanks for getting back to me, greatly appreciated. XD
    Yo, I was wickedly late to the party here on PC. I was just wondering: will there be more small writing contests, or just this one?
    Hey, Bay! I just realized that this thread in FF&W has the wrong prefix on it. The thread is actually a fanfic that takes place in an original region, but there's no real world-building in the story.
    Thanks for finding them! Sorry it took a while to respond, stepped away from PC for a few days, but I appreciate it. :D
    Lol, it's nothing. Honestly, I was asking for it when I picked a username that's so easy to misread. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I edited away my passive-aggressive correction, too. :D
    Bay! Hi!

    Just stopping by to point out that the link to FF&W's rules in the splash go to the old thread. Figured you might want to adjust that for members.
    But that was the only thing you messed up on. Everything else was spot-on and helpful! At least you didn't mess Kirlia up. God knows what'd happen if you mistook her for a Ferrothorn and people began thinking about the strip being of a boy and his overly-affectionate metal-thorn. -w-
    You actually messed it up continuously throughout the thread. I was actually enjoying it, wondering when you'd catch it on your own. I assumed you were just a fast reader. XDDDDDD
    Howdy there Bay, just read your last response to my fic... and I'm a little confused. You're sending mixed messages, and I suspect a typo's involved... especially since there's another typo in the same sentence. Could you clarify so I know if that particular romance is working or not?
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