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    Sad thing about this is, there's so many of these trick "job offers", especially in the classifieds and on Craigslist. Oftentimes, you end up going to a no-name building or unit in a strip mall for the "interview", and that's when the truth comes out. I never fell for tricks like this, but I've read horror stories about situations like yours on sites like Ripoff Report and Pissed Consumer.
    How is the ace attorney anime?? I've heard... things about it... lol
    Yeah Pidge is awesome, Shiro is my #1 though :) I hope season 2 comes soon!!
    Ahhhhh I love Voltron!! :D And I've been meaning to watch Stranger Things.
    Mainly I am playing a variety of mobile games, watching anime and playing competitive pokemon, and I want to get into more western cartoons :)
    Who is your favorite Voltron? :D
    Aww, I feel you on that D: What kind of stuff are you into recently?
    I'm doing okay! Tomorrow I have an interview for a new, full-time job so excited about that! I'm just catching up with all the people I haven't heard from in a while :) Hows life?
    Thanks! Life's been a bit bleh for me too, but I'm getting used to work now. Thanks for the feedback!
    Hey Bay, I got your suggestions and patched up the areas you suggested editing. Thanks for the input - you're definitely right about those transitions being too hasty.

    So, how have you been recently?
    It's ok! I totally understand, thank you for getting back with me! You're awesome. :D

    EDIT: Where can I post my entry?
    Hello! I didn't get reply (I didn't quote you and this bbc/forum is an older model so I can't @ you. D:) I'm wondering if you could give me of an explain for this weeks flash fiction theme? 'Charm'? Are poems accepted or just FFs? Thanks! Link
    So here's something I noticed a few minutes ago that's driving me a bit nuts: Whenever I make a new post or edit an old post now, the whitespace between paragraphs is shorter than an actual linebreak, and if I try to put two blank lines between paragraphs it's converted into one blank line. I think they must have changed something in the forum code recently. Maybe it's minor ocd combined with sleep deprivation, but I think it makes things look squished.

    Also, hi, how've you been?

    EDIT: After brief investigation, it appears to me that for some time within the past year linebreaks were treated as literal linebreaks, but now it's switched back to how it used to be. Maybe. Or maybe I should just go to bed.
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