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  • Okay, so Reyes' Brendan is an original character, but the Brendan they met in Rustboro with Asterisk was the Brendan from RSE/ORAS. I guess I didn't make it clear enough
    Oh I have. As a new and aspiring writer myself, I've left a few bits of feedback here and there. On profile messages and whatnot. I know how well, and motivating it feels to receive specific, in-depth feedback.

    I think I'll set up camp here in this board for the coming days and weeks. And whenever I feel comfortable with my stuff, perhaps even post it.
    Hello, good day to you.

    So this is your domain? Fan fiction and writing... Hmmm.

    It's quiet as a library. So little activity; perfect for reading.
    I've been enjoying it so far.
    Did as you said, started the thing: The Suocéverse.

    Will be adding more things as the days go. It'll have to be lots of things.
    Heyyyyyyyyy! Long time no see :3 Hope youve been well ^^

    Anyways I had a quick question, I have like a bunch of stuff ive written over the past year but Ive never really posted in the Fan Fiction and Writing Section so is there anything I should know? Currently I'd be posting a story I wrote which is related to pokemon but it only has a prologue and one chapter so do I do a post for each chapter or just all in one. I also have a couple poems that id like to post and im assuming based on what Nolafus told me before that they all go in one thread. But is it like seperate posts or just all in the first? Thanks!
    Been a while, yes. But glad to at least be able to show up.

    In other news, what is good practice regarding how many starting posts to reserve for the thread? I'm obviously not gonna reserve 30 :p but I was thinking two or three, tops, to differentiate between indexing / introduction and deeper topical content proper.
    Hey Bay.

    I was wondering, since I'm tackling Worldbuilding June, if it would make more sense for me to start a thread for the setting in Writer's Lounge, or if I should do something like setting up a Pokécommunity blog, if those are still a thing. Would welcome guidance on the matter.
    It's a spiritual successor so you won't need prior knowledge
    Though it might help explain things that aren't clear until the next chapter, it's not neccecary
    Sweet, thanks! Also, whoops, that one sentence you pointed out was missing a 'he' after thought. Fixed that little error, thanks.
    Oh yes, the internet has definitely blown up about Homestuck. It's like 2010 all over again, lol... Did you read it?
    I'm gooood! I had a day off and was just hanging out at the server. I got donuts too :D We always heart each other on miitomo but don't actually talk so I wanted to talk more!
    That is where i was facing a problem. I wanted to know how to post another chapter and wanted to know that will it be on the top of the page. Will be wanting your help for this, Thanks.
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