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  • I wonder if you'll ever see this message.. hope life is going well for you!

    i have game recommendations if you ever want something a little spicier than Risk ;)
    Tired from work but happy to be playing Sun over the weekend now. plus thanksgiving is next week, more days off :D tho we dont have Friday off so I'll have to ask for that..lol you??
    god I wish
    i mean.. purple > red any day
    go bring down steve for me?? ):
    <3 wb again!!!!
    Pffft it seems like you're doing it again.
    The overall user experience isn't as smooth as OnePlus One's (its right here at home so easy to compare) or maybe even Two's (haven't used Two but I'm gonna assume it is buttery smooth because obvious reasons). But that's probably down to software issues with the OxygenOS being a work in progress. There are minor animation issues here and there and the device, once in 5-6 days, hangs at a screen for like 2-3 seconds before getting back.

    Over the course of the past 30 days or so since I've owned this device, they've updated it thrice. It has fixed the SD card issues I was facing and improved smoothness when dealing with apps and whatnot. So it is sufficient to say that I'm really satisfied with the device. :D

    How's 6P been so far for you? I've heard about it being slightly fragile - particularly the black glass that covers the camera lens? Apart from that, though, if you leave aside the stupid bendgate stuff, all I've heard about 6P is praise and nothing else. So there's no doubt it is a wonderful device.
    Woah, awesome. How'd that job opportunity come about? It's nice to see you around again anyway - PC's been desperately lacking some Orby.

    And I don't blame you. I've had "senioritis" for the last few semesters and I'm just going to be relieved to be done with school for the foreseeable future.
    Ah, okay. Good thing you skipped Black Friday then lol.

    All right, here are some pics of the cats! Pictures taken from camera so I apologize for the poor quality.


    I tried uploading to imgur, but it won't let me for some reason so dropbox will do.

    First pic is my cat Ocean, which was taken sometime December 2014 according to my phone.

    Second pic are three kittens (they're not Ocean's babies, their mother is the white colored one in fourth pic). Brown/black one is Cinnamon, black one is Chocolate, and white one is Vanilla haha. Taken about early Oct this year.

    Third pic is more recent photo of Chocolate. Taken early this month.

    Fourth pic is the three kitten's mom. I just call her Mommy, lol. Taken just today.

    Don't have more recent photos of Vanilla and Cinnamon, but I can try to get better pics of them soon.
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