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  • I suppose. {:3} Even if Blastoise could learn Dragon Pulse, I wouldn't add it anyway... :P It cannot replace Ice Beam! Ice Beam hurts Garchomp, Salamence, Dragonite more compare to Dragon Pulse. It's just that Dragon Pulse looks better on Blastoise by aesthetic aspect, due to turtles and tortoise being associated to dragons in some cultures. {:3}
    I'm talking logic here... I just don't think Dark Pulse suits him, I think Dragon Pulse would be much better... But I guess logic doesn't work on Pokemon. {XD} Mega Launcher should expand to Ball and Beam moves. :)

    Yes, I am aware how Mega Blastoise is stronger in battle now! ^^
    However his Ability doesn't do justice for him. Despite that 50% boosts of pulse and aura moves, I would prefer him to have Technician. But let's see what the future has for Mega Launcher. {:3}
    Ah good one! Thank you for updating my knowledge. {:3} I thought Sticky Web lasts for few turns like Tailwind. :O Rapid Spin gets more useful and useful as Generation goes. Rapid Spin and Spin blocker are becoming more like a must to a team. {:3}

    Ariados is sure happier with the introduce of that move. :D But unfortunately for Ariados, there's lotta Flying Pokemon on the NU tier so...
    Is Stick Web really that handy? Haven't used it, none of my Pokemon can learn it... :(

    Leavanny's typing's quite suffering... Plus there are lotta Pokemon with greater Speed that can outclass him. Unless his gonna be a semi-suicidal Pokemon... :O
    Oh so your Galvantula's a supporter, my Galvantula in Gen V is an all out attacker with Volt Switch which irritates lotta people. ^^
    I thought Hitmonlee's superior over Hitmonchan... You proved me wrong buddy! {:3} With Iron Fist and Bullet Punch, he should be no longer NU, not still OU tho. Maybe I was thinking things a little too simple here. {XD}
    Those Dragons are called Deino, Zweilous and Hydreigon, right? :P Just kidding! I'm not that surprised actually, as he can learn Ice Punch. {:3} I'm assuming he's a Hitmonchan with Iron Fist. He must know the move Bullet Punch. :)
    I don't mind loosing to Japanese. Their tiers are much simplier and better in my opinion.^^ I once battled with my OU Pokemon and they swept my party with Pokemon that are considered as RU/NU in Western and English speaking countries. :) I lost but I definitely had fun. {XD}

    Well that's why we have Stone Edge! And you forgot Gyarados again! {XD}

    No offense and not trying to down Hitmonchan, but I suggest using Mienfoo or Conkeldurr buddy. :)
    3 on 3 is seriously difficult, due to limitations... :(.
    I quit when someone's spamming their legendaries to me.
    There was this A-hole who used his Yveltal and wiped out two out of my three Pokemon, then I forfeited. ^^
    Thanks for the Phanpy too! I need lotta non-Kalos Pokemon, so completing Pokedex will be easier for me. :)
    Sorry forthe typo earlier lol

    I guess that sums it, there's no strongest combination or Pokemon. {XD}
    I know you can do it Sam, try breeding for a perfect Rotom. ;)
    I'm breeding for a 31S.A and Spe Togepi currently, let's give it our best! {XD}
    Yeah I was not intimidated by Gale Wings Talonflame, because I immediately tthought of Gyarados! {XD} Remember Itimidate cuts the Attack stat for 2 stages! ^^
    Ai! Ai! I forgot Roost has a priority too, you can take advantage of that buddy. You should have a Gyarados, it will make the birdy feel good. :)
    Not a fan of it, because Talonflame's offensive stats are not impressive. :/
    I personally think that it suits Unfezant the unpleasant bird and Staraptor the star of the birds more. lol
    I don't need a perfect one, I just need the Speed and S. Atk but nvm...
    Try Battle Institute, easier to earn BP there. ;)
    You saw it from the thread, right?
    He is Modest, though I wish he has at least 30 Spe and S.A IVs!
    Sigh, I wish I had a Safari Ditto :/ I hope my friend wouldn't mind the Budew's IV. :)
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