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  • i bet you have all her cds
    actually i bet you're just tsundere for her

    AHAHAHHA i'm so sorry! i thought you weren't coming on so i signed off and shut down my laptop! ;_; i'm going to bed soon so i won't ve on tonight but i'll definately be on tomorrow!
    but at least you try bro

    more like ALL of her songs are catchy am i right

    oops i just signed off I'LL SIGN ON AGAIN
    awww that's kawaii bro

    deep down i am sure you love kanon Well, I hope they re-unite at some point!

    is she a gigantic ****** or something that everyone loves

    also that feel when you're not on msn
    so ronery
    What did you do?
    Aw that's a shame, I was hoping for bit more to be animated but I'll watch it anyways. Won't they make another season? ):

    lmao Japan has such **** taste - she doesn't appear that much, does she? And oh God, if Kanon is only the second worst character I dread to think what the #1 worst character is like.
    please do, so we can discuss how perfect bakura kaiba is

    ohhh i hope you did something special for his birthday!! i think i'll watch the twogk anime when i've caught up with the manga. and kanon was ****ing annoying, i hope she doesn't show up again
    oh there's homolust alright and lots of delicious seto
    speaking of twogk, i just read the chapters about shihori the librarian and hnnnngh my heart. ( ´ ω`) so damn kawaii
    but you neeeed to sleeeep!

    Oh wow, that was pretty good. Guess I'll be downloading that new Pizuya Cell album then! And yeah I love instrumentals, usually more than vocals, so I'll look at their other albums too.

    the ygo! manga is so perfect and gay i just wish there were high quality scans of the english manga on the internet so you could read it too ;_; Heck, the first seven volumes aren't all about card games (shocking, I know), instead it's about Yami Yugi just being a psychopath and being an ******* to almost everyone
    what are you doing man GET TO SLEEP

    I haven't really listened to Pizuya's Cell before but now I might have to if 3L is involved, I love her voice. And I didn't know there was a new DDBY but I'll keep a look out for it!!

    BUT it's cool gay card right?
    it's funny because that song suits ygo! perfectly

    sobbing ;_;
    i'm sorry clearly the monkey is the best character in the history of anime

    Aww, sorry for your loss! RIP GABBY'S HDD - maybe you should consider buying an external hard drive so you can make backup files and put your music on it? And not yet, I'm currently downloading my Reitaisai 9 music. The new ZYTOKINE album should be good, as well as the two Diverse System albums. ALiCE EMOTiON's albums will probably be mediocre but I'm downloading them anyways, and I'm downloading a few other albums. Waiting warmly for the new Syrufit album to be uploaded.

    Nah it wasn't a monster card or anything but it looks great! I'm not really sure if it's a good card since the YGO! card game has probably changed a lot since this card was printed, but it's sort of inspired me to go out and learn how to play the game lol:

    Getting the card makes sense since the volume it was in was mostly about the Yugi vs Jonouchi death match and they kept talking about ~*FRIENDSHIP*~

    i think somebody is jealous of my superior taste
    Yay you're baaaaack! I'm glad everything will be sorted out soon, and good luck on re-downloading everything, etc.

    Also the best thing ever happened to me (aside from finishing exams): I bought some more Yu-Gi-Oh! volumes and one of the volumes HAD A YGO! CARD IN IT I was so exicited even though I don't have much use for it!!

    i always have good taste
    But just think of all the joy and cheer and food and snow and happiness and excitement! :D
    Hey... Guess what! It's almost Christmas! Aren't you super excited?? :D Merry Christmas! c:
    now i just need to download lotgh. i'll gonna be downloading this version

    that would be a pretty awesome camping trip i have to say
    forgot to say: madoka has finished downloading so we can watch it in the summer!!

    also i had a dream a couple of nights ago that you posted an entry on lj for some weird reason
    and then a few weeks back i had a dream that we were going camping, lmao
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