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  • But you're speaking English, Sweden speaks Swedish.

    Also, I know people who speak Swedish
    Transvestite = Transvestit
    Transgender = Transsexuell

    Or, that's what they've told me.
    You're aware Transvestites don't think they're the opposite gender? They do it, normally as an act, in many cases transvestites do it for a living.

    The majority are comfortable in their birth gender.

    You may have meant transgender (mainly because the actual word would be filtered) who are born one gender byt identify as the other, they're not "pretending" anything, they >are< the opposite gender, if I girl was born a boy she is still a female.

    It's a lot for someone to price in one go.

    I already moved that post there.

    There's no section for pricing collectibles in specific, but you can discuss collectibles in Pokemon General.

    I usually look at the prices on eBay, and then take what seems to be the most reasonable range (based on what I would personally pay for the card as a collector) and name that range as the price.
    Oh I have no idea lmao. I haven't touched a Pokemon card in a really, really long time. :( Have you tried looking them up on ebay?
    Well, the people who generally post in Pokemon General don't really know the prices of cards so you won't really get any reply there. xD Maybe you should post them a bit at a time, maybe 10 or so? Or ask Don specifically how he usually finds out prices, and then you can research them yourself :3
    Sweet mercy there's hundreds of them! o_o;;

    Moving them to the appropriate thread. And I'd appreciate it if you had any further cards that you post them in small, manageable bunches (like 5 at a time). I have other hobbies besides this site, and a full-time job. Pricing cards for people is something I do in my free time, and it's very time consuming, even for just a few of them.
    Your very welcome :D
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