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  • Your friend code is provisionally registered so I couldn't have entered it incorrectly. I don't know what the problem is. Sorry man.
    I'm online but you're not registered for some reason. Try deleting my friend card and then adding my friend code again.
    The person who knows the most about sports especially football on this forum(me) will never partake in the football club here. Sorry guys , maybe I'll start a football blog to give yall my opinions.
    You weren't wrongfully banned, and so that club was remade by someone else. There's been plenty of clubs made and remade, nobody has ownership of the idea to create them. You were rightfully unbanned, but that does not defy the logic of your original banning as we previously agreed to ban you if you broke rules again, which you did. We unbanned you in the hopes that you would avoid drama but saying things like your "club is being held hostage", and demanding you get it back and an apology, then telling people who you want to help you to stop talking you to a child.

    It's your unwillingness to compromise, or empathise, which holds you back. It's a thread on a Pokémon forum, and I'm sorry that you no longer run it but there's surely plenty more you can spend your time on. There's nothing I can do for you, and yes, I did try.
    Right, I think you need to show a little respect if you're going to look for help from others. First of all, if you really think "no one seems to care to help", then you're disregarding all that I and others did for you when you were going through issues regarding your ban. Yes, I forgot to reply to you during a busy period during my own life, and "carried on conversation" with a few others regarding things that weren't akin to my position as a staff member on PC, but at the same time I've been trying to avoid getting involved in too much moderation work since I'm taking some time off. Granted I could have been more forthcoming in informing you that I'm not currently at your beck and call, so my apologies on that front but nothing else.

    Secondly, I'm only somewhat aware of what your issue is. If the Moderator of the section hasn't been able to help you, that's a pity but I imagine they tried to help you. Again, for the nth time, staff try to do right by everyone, and if they don't do exactly what you ask or tell them to do; then they have the right to do so. First of all, if you have an issue with your club here being closed, that's just unfortunate due to the fact you had been banned at the time. As someone who is banned, I'm sure the Moderator there imagined that you would not be able to maintain the group. Which is true. Fact is, despite your interest in the area, you do not own any of what you own on this forum. Every post you make is property of PokéCommunity until you request for it to be deleted. This is in the privacy statement. This means that despite the fact that your club was closed, anyone had the right to open the club anew and claim themselves as the "owner", the person who maintains the group. The only option for you in regards to that particular group is to go ahead and see if the new owner would be interested in transferring ownership, and if they are not, then there's nothing I or anyone can do.

    As for your wrestling fan club, you seem to be the OP so I don't imagine there's any issues there.

    Now I know before I said that I would help if you ever ran into trouble, but at the same time that depends on my availability. I'm not going to explain what is personally keeping me so busy and shying away from staff related work for a time as it's my business, but I hope you understand that this is voluntary work, and I and others will help you if we can. But accusations that we're treating you wrong are merely an extension of situations we can't do much about or being otherwise engaged with relations in our day-to-day lives. I'm not trying to be rude here at all, just try to empathise.
    Sorry, as stated in my signature, I am on a Leave of Absence. Meaning I'm not currently available due to personal things going on in my own life. Hopefully you can understand this, despite my lack of communication with you.
    Yeah, agreed. And you'd think number 30 would be epic. Sigh. And to think that we all thought Summer of Punk would bring change. Apparently there are rumors that the title match is going to have a third person though, no idea of that's legit or not. Seriously hope it is, cause Batista versus Orton will get booed SO bad.

    And hell yes, I still remember those two clashing in Hell in a Cell. THAT throwback, I don't mind.
    Aha, this is like a movie scene, or something :') Yeah, don't sweat it, ♥♥♥♥ happens. At least we've all learned a valuable lesson from all this. Apology accepted, no worries.

    So, hyped for Mania? I missed Raw this week, but I've heard about Hogan and Taker. Mania 30 is like the epic throwback, nearly everyone on the card are old timers. :I
    I wrote a long winded response, but deleted it all because, honestly, that's not me. I'm simple and honest. So here I go:

    The way things ended with us was bitter, but it doesn't have to be that way. You're a cool guy in general, and a solid WWE fan (extra points, haha). If you're willing to put the past in the past, and simply be friends, that'll be amazing. If you don't want to, and rather I leave you alone, I'll avoid directly contacting you again. I'm just throwing this out there, in case you felt the same way, or whatnot.
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