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Bidoof FTW
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  • Hey Doof. I was wondering if I could borrow your Battle for Gotham game for use on another forum. Dunno if I'll ever actually be able to host it since the game requires a lot of players, but I figured I'd ask for your permission just in case.
    I was expecting something like sports related, wasn't expecting STEM from you, haha XD Passion for job is definitely important, you don't wanna work like you're stuck, working just for working. I know this is cringey but YOLO haha. If you found your passion someday, remember to go for it!

    Worse part is, we gotta stayed polished despite the harsh conditions and the high rejections from the castings X'D
    So what are you studying rn??

    Modeling was a childhood dream. It isn't as fun as it look and sound like though, hahaha X'D

    Hbu waddya planning to do after education??
    That's a good idea! Hope you're getting used to college life! I don't mean to spoil the fun, but don't forget to study too!

    You deserve it, you're one of the few old regulars remaining. Wish I was there to support and join the fun, but I'm too occupied. So occupied that I wanted to reply, but it took me days to since I'm too tired.

    While occupied with my daily job as a secretary. I'm quietly planning to get back to modeling, as in fashion modeling, which I'm passionate of. This office job is draining my energy and time, because of the people at the office. I want to be happy. Happiness and health should come first. Sorry, didn't mean to be whiny. Hopefully, all is well with you and miss you!
    I can't decide if I'm getting MP or not. I haven't played the 3DS ones, I enjoyed the DS MP doe. How about you??

    Oh yeah, congratulations for the promotion! Sorry can't stay active on PC/Underground doe!
    hehehe, okay, so I kinda have two ideas for your profile: a meme-y one, and a serious one. you can check it out as i'm working on it
    Wasn't expecting youre interested in Let's Play Eevee! You might wanna try Zelda:BoTW , Crash Bandicoot, Splatoon 2 and MK8 DX!

    I'm thinking of LA Noire, Wolfenstein II!

    How's life?
    Welcome to the Switch fam, babe!

    Saw ya got yourself Odyssey, great choice!
    Any games you're planning to play?
    I was Frederick in Young Frakenstein once, I'd have to say that was my favorite. I was incredibly solid on it from the first performance, and it just fit my skillset so perfectly.

    You're young, you've got plenty of time to figure it out. A good rule of thumb (drawing from myself and from what others have expressed about their fields) is that if it feels like tedious work that you don't actively want to do, then you're in the wrong field. Not that the right field won't feel like work - but there's such a clear distinction in the way your mind and body reacts to it.
    Well ever since I've been out of college I've been making sure to keep it as a constant hobby while I try to keep myself afloat. I've been cast as leads constantly since though, especially in musicals (I didn't even study musical theatre wink wink), so it's really growing me as an actor. I'm actually pretty confident in going out and actually making it a career, but I need to build my brand a little more.

    FINALLY GRADUATING FROM HIGH SCHOOL HELL YEAH BABE do you know what you're studying in college yet?
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