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Bidoof FTW
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  • My previous phone was a 5s, and I quite liked it. My dad always made fun of me because my hands dwarfed that phone xD

    So far its great! The home button function is super smooth and the interface is larger. The lack of a headphone jack isn't really a negative feature because now the earbuds blog into the charging port. Apparently its waterproof, but I dont really want to test that out lol.

    The best part is that the battery lasts so much longer, but I still put it in Low Power Mode out of habit.
    Duuude, the reason why I'm asking if you're busy it's because your Alolan Sandshrew is still here with me, go take him it home already. Lol Been breeding a lot of them, and the new ones have better IV distribution so Ima give the best one to you. ;)

    Now go grab your 3DS, asap, I should still be here within 3 hours.
    Hey boo, your Alolan Sandshrew is ready to git hme. Go give it sum luvin. :D Im available around 4 hours later (I'm still at work, sneaking, just to vm you) ;)
    Fantastic! I got a new phone and some treats. Family is over, which is so far fun.

    How was yours?
    Got you covered, sweetie. Wait for my Alolan Sandshrew, gonna breed you one. :D
    I didn't like my team too, but they grew up on me so I kept on playing haha. I'm done with the main plot, lemme know if you need help! Ya know I wouldn't hesitate helping ya if I have the ability to. ;)

    Merry Christmas, you sweet thing! Have a blast. (:
    Shes making a list, she's checking it twice - she hopes December 25th is awfully nice - so pass on the kindness to everyone you see! This is a positivity chain - spread to as many usernames as I see.

    Make sure to wish everybody a happy holiday this year in your life as you never know what your kind words will do for someone.

    i dont have to work! :D
    Lol just some awkward doof selfies. XD

    Have you been playing Sun and Moon?
    just finished exams, so I'm pretty relieved

    i just wanna play pokemon lol

    im also hoping that I wont have to work over christmas
    I think I'm very interested in surgery :) I like how it's very kinesthetic and how it's very real-time compared to medicine.
    No babe, I didn't. :o It was really a total shocker, haha.
    Proud of you for sharing that here on PC, just to let ya know you're amazing and we all love ya here. <3
    Your post from "Are gay people hypersexualized?" :o :o :o
    It's a total shocker.
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