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  • Heya! I just added your friend code, would love a Safari with Smeargle! If you'd like to add me my code is 3566-1519-7880 and I have a Poison Safari with Muk, Kakuna and Aridos :)
    Mike, I added your friend code beacuse I needed a Minccino. Why yours? Beacuse yours had an Aipom and a Smeargle too. Anyways, my FC is 1006 - 0734 - 4692
    I don't know what my friend safari type is and what Pokemon I have, so please let me know if you add me.

    Just wanted to say I added you for my Friend Safari! Here's my FC: 5386-9559-0361 IGN: Zach, Type is Ground with Nincada, Gastrodon, and Trapinch.
    Mmm yeah that's right!
    Is that so? I see...
    Yep I think social life is also needed besides school lessons
    Okay Mike, maybe I shouldn't shy with someone new to tell something :)

    Again thanks to you Mike!
    Ummm very shy to tell another friend from far away about this.

    I'm Indonesian, so I'm use Indonesian Language :')
    But I join this forum and other international forums, so I can improve my english as well...
    Well, I'm just a high school student who loves to speak and learn english but I actually don't care about grammar haha
    But i felt guilty with adding someone who look for safari while my game hasn't beaten yet. I thought someone will disappointed adding my FC while my game has not beaten yet.
    Sure i will mike. Thanks for letting me play slowly. Yep can't wait!

    I'm sorry if i have a bad grammar. English is not my domestic language, though
    Btw thanks for adding me :D

    To be honest i havent beat E4 yet. :( But i have 7 badge for now...
    Since i've been busy lately with work. Plus, i just bought pokemon X, 2 weeks ago
    I'm sorry mike not tell you earlier. I will beat the game ASAP. Since i had a holiday at the end of this july
    When i'm done, lets battle and trade and see my 3rd slot. :D
    You got it. You want one with a specific gender or ability? Sorry for taking so long to reply...
    I got friend codes out the wazoo! BUT pretty much none of them are from here, they're from PSS or Animal Crossing. So, if there are any grass types you want I can probably get some for you.
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