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  • Hi! Just want to say that... even if it's part of the game I'm still kinda sorry for the last Pokémon you got in the Wind of Change challenge. Say what you will about getting a random Pokémon and that turning out to be suboptimal - that was intended as part of the challenge design of course - but it's the Dark-type rule that I feel I messed up slightly, since it's too specific for just a few Dark-type Pokémon. That said, I hope you still enjoyed the challenge, and congratulations for finishing it! ♥♥♥

    now you make me sad for you :(

    it's okay tho, it's ez pz to get friends, i leeched my convention going friends off of my brother and talk to them on the regular (because unlike my brother, I didn't ditch them at each of the last 3 cons to do the following two things: play Magic the Gathering, and try to bed women), and then i have other friends outside of those friends that i leeched off of my cousin and then i also hang out at events for here

    basically the key is to actually get out of the house, even if it's just to nerd things like Pokemon leagues or D&D groups; being pure hikikomori causes missing out on actually meeting any friends you make online
    The only thing I can really recommend is going with friends. Don't depend on panels for entertainment, but they can be worthwhile. Also look for one that's got a theme that matches what you're interested in so the panels and headliner events that happen are more likely to be stuff you're interested in attending.
    Yep. 7. I've been going to them since 2012. One a year until this year, where I've gone to two so far. My first one had LittleKuriboh as a headliner guest. And if I can get the money and time off lined up, I plan on going to at least 4 next year: my normal local in March/April, the other big local in late May/early June, A-Kon at some point in May/June, and Anime Expo in late June/early July.

    Destroyed sleep schedules just happen sometimes, really. I destroyed mine on my way back from A-Kon by driving from 9:30 PM to ~6:30 AM or thereabouts.
    Cons are generally quite a bit of fun. For me, it was my seventh, but it was also my first one with more than 6,000 attendees (~27,000 I think this year). I go with friends every year.

    The Facebook page contains a lot of complaints about how few things there were to do, but as someone who goes more socially and for the dealer hall rather than for panels (in fact, I didn't make a single panel at A-Kon and only made it to like 3 at my primary local con, Anime Detour, back in April), I literally would not have noticed if not for the Facebook page.
    I can't waste money on the summer sale, I whaled too hard on merch both online and at an anime con I went to (A-Kon).
    Dengeki Gs Ruby was crazy crucial to the group.

    Yeah, seriously. Coincidentally they just posted up a new key visual for the second season in the last 24 hours, too.
    Unfortunately Ruby lost most of her defining Dengeki Gs manga roles and traits to other members of the group for the anime. :(

    I mean, Season 2 is literally airing this fall and has been official since February.
    Ruby is crazy expressive despite being the "shy" character, lol.

    Sunshine probably feels incomplete because I am 99% certain they always expected to run two seasons.
    I'm more a fan of the fallen angel, myself. First years are my favorites of the Sunshine generation.

    What parts of the franchise are you into?
    Hi. Just wanted to say... you shouldn't use black font in forum posts. Some people (such as myself >_>) use darker themes so black on black is really hard to read :P
    Do you mind coming back online just for the slowpoke that I forgot the item? Thank you so much! My dex is pleased :P
    Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniversary!
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