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  • enjoying the auburn demo?
    Ah... but that happens rarely, unfortunately. Say, if you were to start a project, would it be Pokemon related?
    No, of course I don't mind waiting man! What am I, your teacher or something?! xD Relax and take your time, that way you'll get the best of results. You're supposed to enjoy this, anyway.
    I've read your PM, yes - we can work on a project again, we're ready and able. In the years you have been absent, I have forged an awesome looking rom base with the most amazing of tiles in it, so we could use that (and I could help with maps every now and then!). Have a look (be sure to tell me what you think!):
    Yes, it indeed was! The creative procedure of making a game put me into some thought, and I decided that I actually like to forge stories; that's how I got into RPing, and now am planning on writing a book, someday. :P I've already written and completed my first fan fic, which is about 400 pages long!

    No, we kinda separated, ever since we quit. We cool though.
    Oh, great, is it hard? Do you enjoy it? I wish you best of luck, regardless.

    As for myself, I have quit ROM Hacking and moved on to Roleplaying. I could provide you with awesome ideas for storylines, if you'd like!
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