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  • Hello there
    i submitted my rom hack on 4/11 and received no answer since than
    may i know about its status? It' called Pokemon True Kanto
    Plus i needed to edit a thing in it but couldn't, is it an issue if i do it after the approval? or should i make another post and remove the older one?
    Hi. I know the staff is busy approving new posts. I wanted to know if my post, Pokemon Supreme Fire : Mewtwo's Revenge (Open Beta), is overlook?
    I read in other post that it will only take 24 hours. So just wondering is mine okay or not. Cause i think it hit 24 hours and it is still not approved yet.

    Sorry, if there are still many more before you see my post. I will patiently wait until any further notice.
    X_x editing messages doesn't seem to work, sorry to spam two in a row. Just wanted to share a back (Albeit in wrong style, needs feet removed lawlz) of Riolu, original front by chibapika.

    That is seriously awesome, thank you.

    And no way, my Pikachu/Raichu is one of my favorites too. That's why I hacked Yellow!

    Considering the 'few pokes will actually be made main starter issue', one thing I was actually thinking of is trying to create some 'generic' emotion sprites, akin to Soulsilver/Heartgold, and having an all pokemon follow hack. However, all pokemon follow hasn't been coded yet. I think it's very doable though. I'm not sure if non-generic emotion sprites really count as devamps as I don't remember them in future versions, unless you count Mystery Dungeon which did have them. (which, hmm, yeah, could be useful for Mystery Dungeon mimics, no idea how hard that'd be to code on Yellow or if anyone would try; I only remember the one Mystery Dungeon remake hack for Ruby.)

    Eevee, Meowth, and Pikachu I think are the starters most likely to be used for solos, maybe Dratini, Scyther, Vulpix and Growlithe too, and we've already got Pikachu down. :3 Eevee is really the biggest one after Meowth (who is must for Team Rocket hacks) I see people using though, it's so incredibly popular and could be used for a 'play as Gary' hack. Trying to decide how to handle evolutions sprites for it would be a bit of a pain though... although probably you'd use the happiness gimmick and have evolve by happiness, which still leaves three choices, Umbreon, Espeon, or Sylveon. No night system mean Umbreon is out. Although, is possible the game might have enough room for extra emotion sprites for all the Eevee-lutions and checks for species could be coded to load the right emotions. Would be a bit of a pain, but, theoretically doable. I have to admit, I'm glad you didn't say your favorite pokemon was Eevee, lol.
    Yeah, I am very bad at finding things. I'm not 100% awful at backs, so it's not strictly necessary but if you do them (and you might like to so you can post them in that resource thread for other people) I'd be quite thankful.

    If doing emotion sprites turns out to be really quick and we get it done quite fast (Raichu didn't take me more than a week or two, although she was just quick-modding Pika's ears), would you be interested in doing yet another pokemon at some point? Maybe your favorite if you have one? I'll pretty much happily code any following pokemon I have emotion sprites for, since it's so fast and easy to switch PIKACHU to WHATEVERCHU in code. Even if it's magikarp, lulz, and I'd enjoy posting the emotion sprite sets in my Tutorial as a quick stop for people to quickly grab everything they need, code + images. Hoping to get people to try hacking Yellow, heh.
    Kk, that I can easily do. I'll post a ref or two in my Evo thread in a moment.

    Also I know you said we had all 1-7 devamped for gen 2, but I can't find the ones previous to 7 and 6 and would like Bonsly, Munchlax and Mantyke since they're in demand. Can you help me locate them? My search-foo has failed me. x_x
    Alright, I started work on the Meowth hack, already have walk-sprites (I posted in my Evo-Yellow thread) and successfully hacked Meowth to follow.

    However, getting the emotion animations to line up just right is a pain, and also BANK TOO FULL is a very annoying error, so what I've decided on for Meowth is to try a minimalist approach of just modifying Pikachu's face by erasing ears/cheeks/eyes and drawing a meowth-face over top it.
    Will the Pikachu face emotion set (I have it + Raichu in my Yellow Hack tutorial as pikachu.zip, the Raichu's will become Persians.) be enough for you, or do you need me to make a meowth-face example since you say you aren't so good at doing from scratch?
    I started with trying an official Nintendo Meowth instead, and that worked OK for the very first sprite where Meowth shows his/her back but became a bit annoying after that, as it's juuuust slightly bigger than the Pikachu sprite was so it doesn't fit in the area perfectly/tends to not line up the animations very easily, and also has a lot more color usage.
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