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  • hey I came to say I like ur username and then I saw that ur name is also Joe and you're also from the U.K. :o me too, blue brother
    hey, hi, I'm trying to play your hack, pokemon fire red: generations but for some reason the starters don't apear as they are suposed to, they apear as the original ones, bulbasaur, squirtle and charmander and I don't know why, can you help me?
    BLUE!! <3

    It's been so long since we've last seen you here! I hope you've been well these days. :D
    Hi, I saw that the hack pokemon fire red generations has a beta 1.6 with PSS but the download link is broken, do you have that patch to download it?
    omg happy birthday Blue!! <333

    Yo, Blue, I played ur expert emerald and I thought you did that really well, and I was looking for a kanto Verison of it. And I saw a few years ago u did have one up but I can't find I so I was hoping u could put a link up to where to download it or some thing that would be awesome thx
    Blue, could u help to set up your Pokemon Platinum Plus hack? I cant patch it and I would be really thankful if u could help me.
    Blue!! I need your fire red generation's file it doesn't work when you try to download from your original thread in 2013. You're the best!
    Heyy! Don't mind me asking, but is Pokemln Furious Flames still in the works? A fire red hack with Hoenn sounds gorgeous. I heard about it on Reddit and saw that the last post about it was in 2013. Just wanted to ask cause I'm contemplating on whether I should play the latest beta.
    Hey, I saw you were working on a FireRed hack that was "Hard Mode" but you closed the thread saying you were working on something else. I went to look but good lord you post a lot on this forum lol. Are you able to point me in the direction on whatever project you were working on that was similar to that?
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