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  • Looking over your post you seem to have done everything fine, I just haven't updated the list in a while due to lack of time. Whenever I update the list I'll make a post saying how much I've updated and as soon as I update passed your post it'll be there :]
    what version are you using I think I fixed the boss bug in the latest version O.o but the lady who teaches stuff isnt fixable since its a bug of the rombase that I'm using.
    Trust me Aqua is pretty preoccupied with some stuff in the Full Game Beta so shes out of the question right now.. I may put it in Celadon.. I just dont know right now nothings set in stone
    Wow that call thing actually made think of something maybe you and your apprentice have this secret base where you can meet up and talk about stuff.. Yeah I think thats doable.. I might do it after I finished with my plans for the Final Release since that'll take me a sum amount of time..
    Hmm the problem is with the tiles though.. Block Editing is such a pain but I'll try doing it.. If you have any more ideas feel free to talk to me.. I may even credit you if it's awesome :)
    Uhmm berries are already kinda sorta available ingame since a certain secret shop sells it so I dont think its necessary to build a new berry shop.. But I do like the thing with the building.. the problem is I suck at mapping I corrupted my hack more times than you'd expect because I attempted to map new places haha.. I do hope you keep sharing ideas maybe something will be doable.. It's 3 am here but Im still hacking thats how commited I am xD
    Well I was planning on adding tons of sidequest in the final release.. The whole major sidequest stuff was really time consuming but expect those features to kill time since it did on my end haha.. Also if you have any sidequest you want me to add I'll be happy to put it in as long as it's not a long..
    Cut can already flinch but I dunno about flash cause it has a specific ability but i did raise it's accuracy to 100 so thats a thing.. I like it when people point out things that will make the hack better so I hope you continue saying what's on your mind :)
    I already saw it! Pretty good imo.. I see you have a team already.. That's great! I hope you finish the game hehe
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