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  • I had read the subject before, but I'm not clear the fifth step, that's why I'm looking for more information.

    Do you understand him? If so can you explain it to me, or do you know anyone in this community who can help me?
    Can you speaking spañis?

    I wanted to ask if you can teach me how to insert Midis de Ruby a Fire red
    If you do not mind...

    I speak Spanish and apart from the Gogotech guide the images are down and English is a bit bad...

    If you do not mind, I could help.
    In advance thanks, no problem if you can not ^^
    Wow, I have not been active on this account in a very, very long time. I am one year late on answering your question(woops lol) but I never actually got that far translating Pokemon Mystical. However, I did look and I still have my work-in-progress IPS file, so if you want it then go for it. It would be great if someone actually could translate the ROM Hack fully into English so others can play it. Here is the file, and I give anyone permission to use it as long as they give me some credit(also message me if you do because I would love to see it) in your own translation.
    When will you have a time to check it out? If it is inconvenient to you, I will try to figure it out by another method?
    jaja no pasa nada jaja xD, bueno la pregunta que le quería hacer es si hay alguna manera de hacer que el entrenador rival tenga el mismo nivel del pokémon con mas nivel de nuestro equipo.
    Can you help me figure out why this Rom is not effective? I already added the correct code, but snow weather is not working. And Theta Emerald EX or which is based on Dynamic Emerald Attack cannot make the snow weather working in battle.
    This is that Rom link, Can you help me make the snow weather working? Thanks a lot
    Don't think of the community, do it for you! I tend to work on mine for like a couple of hours a week when I can find the time. I think the only reason I carry on is because I want to finish what I started haha! How's your summer going so far, have you got your holidays yet?
    Hahah that actually is quite funny! You doing much hacking yourself these days? =)
    Hi can you try to get a hold of avara and say I'm sorry for her loss. Can you also see if the hacks starting anytime soon as I speak for almost everyone that its the best pokemon game ever thx let me know if it starts anytime soon
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