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    I genuinely appreciate it so much, none of my "irl" friends reached out so it really meant a lot to me. You're a good soul! <3
    Hey! Long time no speak, just wanted to say thanks again for listening all that time ago. It helped having someone understand what I was going through =)
    yeah phonic was helping for a bit, but i think he may be too busy doing his own projects or something so hands has been helping out :)
    Oh! I am really sorry to hear that! No its ok I can understand that some people have their own predicament and it's ok don't worry I can wait lol even an year is fine you take care of yourself first that should be your first priority and if you need anything(idk possibly what a person like me that is 16 and probably lives across the earth to you can do) I will be there to help no questions asked! I hope your situation stabilizes soon :)
    Lawl sorry for not seeing this sooner.
    It's been a long while since I've hacked follow-me, so my memory is rusty, but I believe that the JPANHack patch (which I used with my followme) has dynamic sprites already in it, and so you would go to, say, everywhere I put in Pikachu sprites, and edit their value to make them a dynamic sprite instead in the manner that JPAN's hack tells you; I don't remember it exactly, but you do it in advanced-map I'm pretty sure.
    Then, you would want a script before you unhide your sprite to make it change to the sprite you want. I believe the JPANhack documentation also says how to change the sprite dynamically, I think it's a var + special but I don't remember perfectly.

    Sorry my memory is so bad, hah.

    I might do 3ds modding at some point, thanks for the advice, although I think my 3ds is a newer one so it probably is fairly updated, and I'm also a bit afraid of breaking it accidentally.
    yeah, i know you can normally link with r2 but there are times when you need r3 because of the name function and whatnot, so I just wanted to clarify with that guy so he could use those functions in the future.
    Ah, no problem. It isn't much important asm, because I found another way to make the gameplay instead, so I don't really need the evolving asm anymore...

    Anyway, if you can write me asm for displaying a image at the offset with pallete I will thank you so much :D. maybe like this: set 0x8000 the X possiion, set 0x8001 the y possison, then display the image with offset 0xaaaaaaaa with pallete 0xbbbbbbbb, something like that...
    i have a problem.its Nse.i taching add palette nse.I dont have ini file.It file Indicates palette and number sprites. OverworldEditorRE have ini file but it Uncomfortable and not enough information.
    Do you know how to update weather abilities from infinty turns to 5 turns? Beginning from xy, the weather abilities are keeping 5 turns. And if the map has a weather, it will back to the map's weather after 5 turns, such as the sandstorm is happening in desert, if you use a weather, it will back to sandstorm after 5 turns, how to update to that?
    it's very nice of you if you can help. I'll pm you about the asm in pm. thanks very much :)
    Not a bad idea, but I think the tile one is better if you dont want to force double battles on a certain background.
    >(also dizzy you're using tile id? interesting honestly)
    What's so interesting about it.
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