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  • now that i think about it i would have preferred yellow :0

    i guess every place has its "thing." your place's thing seems a little insensate, but it will probably turn out to be a really awesome and useful experience.

    i take it you're referencing the first definition! i'll have to start using that term as a less offensive substitute to express my rage.
    now why would it be any other color!

    oh i see. im glad he wouldn't try to hurt you on purpose...still a shame it left bruises though :-( eep, i imagine you'll adapt quickly but i don't blame you for being scared. i hope things work out for you, and i hope you end up enjoying it or at least appreciating your time spent in the military. best of luck friend :-)

    i do have an album, lol. it's very calming, it makes me feel.......suburban :s like every soccer mom i've ever met jams to kenny g around christmas. explain this "ish" term to me!

    these! my cat is awesome looking, i did accidentally give it one bead a darker shade of blue than the rest........when my coworker pointed it out to me boy was i mad. but im just gonna call it a birthmark. well, it doesn't take craftiness to make an interesting person- you're a pianist named benjamin and you've got quite a lot to say! i think you're interesting.

    wow, that sounds really rough. no child should have to endure that, i'm very sorry you had to. i cant stand parents who try to live vicariously through their children- are you living on your own now, or sharing a household with your parents?

    hum, to me there's something about each syllable that makes it sound rather jingly. but i don't have a grave voice, so i would only make it sound cheery. well, jack and mark are too plain to add any vibes to u_u but you can totally make benjamin sound thug! let's brainstorm- how about Benny G? saxophones are totally Thug Lyf. im sure you could work something out with your middle and last name.
    yes, too many kids! i made a fat cat with those little bead things you iron with 'em today. it came out nice! i gave it a face and everything. and a little heart belly. well, im not shallow enough to think they can't be interesting...everyone has a story, etc. its just, im not interested in the adults i've met, aside from a select few that i find tolerable because they don't push their personal beliefs onto me. but anyway

    not with an actual whip :s i suppose its more of a black or southern american term for spanking a child, by belt or hand. though i was being sarcastic, im not sure how i feel about physical punishment...depending on the severity, of course i would never beat a child or anything but as someone who grew up with spankings i dont think mild physical punishment effects a child long-term. yeh, my mom and i don't get along so there's no peace to disrupt i guess xD is it hard for you to get along with your parents?

    benjamin is nice! i guess one would call it a "normal" name (though not average) but it's not very common, at least where i live. the beholder of a name never likes their name, but i think it's lovely u_u
    D= thats a common problem in my household, the big dog gets to all the bowls before everyone else. all you can do is keep watch :-( poor kitty. i do love fat cats though.

    the spoiled ones just need a good whippin. i work with over 120 kids, no matter how malicious they can be there's always some adorable characteristic about each of them, they're all so simple yet so different and imaginitive- adults are just so mediocre in comparison. i've always liked the sentiment of creating life with the one i love, but it's against my personal morals to bring another child in the world when there are so many already here that are in need. i would love to foster one day.

    thank you! i didn't like it growing up but i've come to appreciate it. can i get a name out of you?
    yeah, it took me forever to realize how neat of a talent it is to have. i still want to learn to play technically though, but im scared i'll lose my ability to play by ear. i'm planning on majoring in music eventually, i guess i'll have to balance out practice of both styles.

    it really is an overly simple and totally uninteresting system. xD but when i gather the patience to work with my trackpad, i'll conjure up a lil example. yeah, looking at standard complex pieces is totally overwhelming, i imagine it takes a lot of patience and spare time to develop a decent piece.

    i love children and animals for precisely the reasons you stated. they don't ride my rear on the road or push their personal doctrines upon me. aside from plants and **** the rest of the world is plain intolerable. yeah, kitties are shy xD but they usually open up pretty quickly once you get your hands on em.
    lol you see right through me. but what's not to be understood! i'm not sure i can explain the relationship between art and history any better, 2 deep 4 u i guess u__u but ill take that as a compliment so thanks!

    ah so you've got technical skill, that's really cool. i can only play by ear, so i have a bit of trouble performing certain rhythms, particularly jazz. i think i get what you mean about classical music- i've tried a few classical pieces from ear-memory and while i could find the notes, i just couldn't make it "flow." just seems like you have to have a lot of technical prowess and really practice at classical pieces to get a good feel for them. i have some music sheets but i just see hieroglyphics, lol. i used to write music but i had my own system that...worked rather poorly :X i'll have to draw it out for you when i get a chance. catchy sells! i'm not "big" on modern mainstream music but but every once in awhile the simplicity of it can be comforting, the universal themes kind of make me feel a little in tune with society.

    everyone i know hates cats and loves dogs :-( i love both for different, but cats are just more adorable. i have three dogs that are practically my shadow and hate when i leave the house but i can't tell if it's Real Love or if they're just using me for food! probably the latter, but i still love 'em. awww, shame you couldnt bring it home. i dread seeing stray animals and being unable to take care of them, it's the saddest thing.

    hi bna_li. first off, i'd like to express my appreciation for your interest in my personal life. i'm flattered! :=_) let's get started.

    because i'm lazy, i've taken a screenshot of an e-mail about myself i sent to my history teacher as an assignment. (it's +7 points on my final grade! what a bargain :-))

    thank you for reading!

    sinclraerely me
    when you say it too it feels so official!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (❀‿‿♡) and why thank you. this gent.
    That's still true today, but the numerical definition of "high post count" has changed from 2,500+ to 10,000+. XD

    I think I used to have over 4,000 on that account before the postcount was turned off in certain forums, thus I lost quite a few posts. XD
    sedatives are boring give me adderall hey this guys sitting next to me speaking basic spanish and i can understand him i feel like a GOVERNMENT AGENT
    Well, Crobat is my favorite pokemon, and I did use it in all my avatars and such when I lacked creativity. XD

    Honestly, I'm surprised people remember me. It's not like I was that popular back then. XD
    Not trying to start anything with you in the thread, or do I intend to sound rude (I read over my post and I sound somewhat stuck-up, "my opinion's superior", etc.) I'm just bored and want to engage in debates other than ones relating to staff. :/
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