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  • Wayne county, northwest of Telegraph and I-94
    Used to live just a few minutes south of Detroit
    Aww nice <3

    I'm loving it too, it's really an amazing game! I just beat the E4 this weekend, now I'm catching all the Ultra Beast and me and my bf are helping each other complete our Dexes <3
    Holy cow that's a LOT. I've done that in the past but not recently thankfully. Bleh. The Amiibo cards are fun to collect and I definitely want some of the new RVs. I kinda had hoped they'd release them sooner but I guess they're just not ready yet. I do feel like the timing of the update is a bit unfortunate given the fact that there's going to be Sun and Moon coming out so soon though... a ton of Pokémon fans left ACNL for X/Y, myself included. :(
    Nice! I've been playing on a secondary copy because my main file is really important to me still and I don't wanna lose it. Even though I'd make crazy money from it I just can't bring myself to reset it. I'm having fun on the new file though. Even though it took me so long to get a map I like :'). Do you have any of the figures?

    Also WOW TWINS. That art is super cool, I had to use it.
    You're enjoying the new ACNL update right??? 8) Have you scanned in any brand new villagers?
    yesss they really are. oh uhm let's see.. Deerling, Mienfoo, and Vulpix are right up there too. <3

    if i had to pick an absolute favorite though, it really is tied between Vaporeon and Lopunny. sooo hard to pick.
    OH yes, i was gonna say Lopunny is one of my favorites in my previous VM i'm so happy you agree. :')

    you've picked an awesome absolute all-time always-and-forever favorite for sure.
    it's one of my favorites, absolutely. <3 (i have a hard time choosing a favorite hhhh)

    is Vaporeon your favorite? do you have other favorites? :)
    hey we're kinda like twins right now huh?

    sorry for such a late reply i'm awful with VMs. it's been pretty uneventful here i'm afraid to say!
    Oh, that sounds really sweet! It's always so nice traveling for the holidays, especially with a bf :)
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