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  • I admit the humor in Gravity Falls grabbed the most, followed by their cryptic stuff of course. I didn't realize until after watching it that the gibberish at the end of their opening intros can be reversed. (Albeit for some it was obvious aaa)

    I think my favorite films would have to be The Witch and Green Knight <3 and oh? Go you~! Haha that annual cocktail contest definitely sounds like fun tbh. Furthermore you were a host! Bet it was fun, no?
    You spoke the truth.
    You're not wrong, I really couldn't imagine it any other way now that I've bore witness to the film <3 I admit, going into theaters, I was a little skeptical. The plot was so… ambitious. I was afraid it wouldn't be enough to be self-contained into a single film since other series and brands have attempted to utilize the multiverse concept and either kinda mess it up in a single film or need to stretch it out into several to better explain and expand on the concept. Yet this film proved me wrong. Furthermore it brought in some emotional plot points that really hit close to home and were just so… wholesome.

    Animation? Yesh. Grew up in the era where Disney's Bug's Life, Toy Story, etc, as well as Ghibli's own films took over. I recall Nausicaa vividly. Pokémon and other anime such as Naruto were also introduced to me via my parents, so everything kinda amalgamated together to make this curious fascination I have with animation as a whole.

    How about yourself? You're a fan of it? Perhaps not so much as other genres?
    Oh? Well, hey! Let's talk about it! Did you know that in the film, Jackie Chan was originally intended to play the lead instead of Yeoh? I wonder how much more different it would have turned out to be if so o:

    Omg Django- I love Django! I watched within the past few years, actually, and it's still so fresh in my mind aaaa. Also watched Hateful 8, to which I'm aware there's an extended version out there, but have yet to give it a whirl.

    As for favorite film, right now? Oof… I.. hm. I can't really tell you tbh. I mean Everything Everywhere All At Once is way up there in my top five, as is Inside Out (I related to the movie due to having moved at 10 and suffered the same feelings and experiences aaaa), and Turning Red (also from personal experiences, oof), and Encanto… hm. Hmmmmm. I really like Nightmare Before Christmas. Brings back childhood memories. Oh! Oh! I really enjoyed the Digimon Movie! And Pacific Rim.

    Okay well, I don't have a single favorite. And it's hard to rank. Sorry. ; -;
    Aaaaaa I see somebody with good taste over here-

    It looks like I was beat to the punch by another haha, but if it's alright I found it nice to see somebody just as fond of the amazing film Everything Everywhere All At Once.

    And Kill Bill. And Lilo & Stitch. Noice :P Is it safe to assume you may have watched other Quentin films?
    i just watched a trailer of everything everywhere because you mentioned it in several places ahah, and now i think i really gotta watch it. i love the main actress.
    Ah. I'm just mostly doing a full scale multi book Genshin fanfiction.

    I've been playing Violet. I'll get Scarlet soon, though.
    Been doing alright. Still into Pokemon, and still writing. And, it definitely has been, I think... 8 years?
    Aw, that really sucks. I hope he heals well and gets back on his feet asap! It's good that there's no serious damage either!!
    Aha, I quit Solstice.
    NICE!! I got a new phone in July, it's just a cheap phone, but it does its job!!


    <3333333 I think Hulk looks AMAZING.
    In response to your post...

    Can I get the info for the venusaur and rapidash please? I also saw in your wants a Ninetails with drought. I have it.
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