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  • It kinda makes sense on one hand, I'm pretty sure there's lots of trolly players out there that would cancel trade evos that require rare items just to troll the other person =P
    Anyway it's late, I'm about to head to bed =D
    It's roundabout, but we both assumed wrong as to what was gonna happen I guess xD

    Anyway we can do it in 3 trades once your Clamperls are holding their items. I'll send slowpoke again, you send Clamper #1, then I return that Clamper for Clamperl #2, then third trade = I return Clamperl and you send back Slowpoke =3
    well at this point I guess you just put the items in your bag and send me back the two mons I sent you then so I can send your Clamperls back xD
    wait have we ever exchanged 3ds friend codes? xD
    We probably need to in order to trade.
    Can you trade between X/Y and ORAS? =O
    My items are in ORAS as already stated, and any items held by mons will be removed and put in your bag when sent into Bank, so you can't send items from game to game.
    Well you can only catch it once per save, so I have to keep it around. Even if I don't like it it's still a new Pokemon, even if it doesn't get a Dex entry of it's own.

    I'm available for roughly another hour tonight.
    I caught both. I had 2 Friend Balls so I ended up tossing one at Iron Leaves, with the other being reserved for whenever the heck the Rillaboom raid is.
    Joined a Raid for Walking Wake and caught it in the Beast Ball you get for registering all 400 Pokemon, as I would probably never use it otherwise anyway =P

    I don't really like Walking Wake. Iron Leaves is lackluster to me, but I don't dislike it.
    I'm pretty much about to head to bed as I keep getting distracted and forgot to read this till now as a result lol 😅
    How's your availability tomorrow or Sunday?
    Apologies for the delay, it's been a busy week =P

    Anyway I still have both an unused Deep Sea Scale and Deep See Tooth being held by 2 Clamperl in my boxes in OR.
    Do you want the Deep Sea Tooth as well? Do you want me to give it/them to a different Pokemon so you get the items and can then evolve your own Clamperl?
    I don't think I've ever lost, but kid me already knew Pokemon = pay to win.
    just stock up on a boatload of healing items and even if you're losing you can still end up winning =D

    I mainly just remember Steven 'looking cool' as a kid. Dunno if that qualifies as memorable =P

    SwSh and BDSP are both on my LF tab. I haven't yet done anything serious in Violet as I've already caught a bunch of HA mons just from Tera dens, and need to wait for Home compatibility anyway so I can bring a bunch of stuff over.
    The Ace Tournament is mostly trainers you've already fought by then.

    I've never thought much of Cynthia tbh.
    I never struggled with her in original DPPt, and in BDSP she isn't hard, but just annoying with that stallfest Milotic =P
    Yea in Scarlet/Violet's ingame PokeDex.

    The first apriballs unlock at like 200 something Pokemon registered. I thought 240 for the first but not sure =P
    And then you get a new one every 20 species registered, until you've got all the apriballs + Dream Ball, minus the Love ball because GF stingy
    The Beast Ball is the last reward for 400/400.
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