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  • hmmm it's timed out 3 times now...
    I'm gonna quickly disconnect and reconnect to the internet =P
    For me the only starters worth catching in Apriballs are the gen 8 ones.
    As well as Delphox, because I want it in a Dream Ball and that was not possible in Alola =3
    And I got 2 Dream Balls in Violet, one is from the auction thing =D
    I caught Chesnaught in a Friend and Level ball in Alola.
    Samurott in a Lure Ball in Alola as well.
    Basically caught all the gen 5 and 6 starters in Alola's Island Scan thing =D

    As for Typhlosion, I have Fast Ball and Moon Ball ones in BDSP =D
    for the legends of Ruin, honestly the toughest part for me was remembering where I had and had not been after I fully upgraded Miraidon so I could explore everywhere for the stakes xD
    oh the next starter raid is Grenina... meh
    I already caught that in a Lure and Moon Ball in the alola games lol
    I'll save my Lure ball for whenever Inteleon is up =D
    The legendary quartet is required too?
    I though you just had to beat the Academy Ace tournament and then beat ten 5-star raids =O
    Anyway I'm hopping in-game and online. do you already have a link code?
    We got a 1 hour difference, but that's pretty manageable =P

    Also I got an extra full set of Violet Paradox Pokemon just vibing in my boxes because the person who sent me the Scarlet ones already had them and said any Pokemon would do =P
    And I had already caught 2 of each in advance looking for a swap =P

    Did you attempt the Cinderace Raid?
    I actually had to go full grind mode and just barely made it, beating and catching it last night, because I couldn't pass up the chance to catch one in an apriball =D
    I didn't complete the Academy Ace tournament until Saturday and had to go grind raids to unlock the 6 star + raids as well as grind for exp candy so I could train a Slowbro for it.
    I'm at 399 out of 400 =D

    I just need to touch trade for Koraidon's Dex Entry at some point and my dex is complete.
    Nah, I went right from the city with the school. Did the Rock Titan, then the Fire Crew and Grass Gym.
    Then north for the Electric Gym, the Steel Titan & The Poison Crew.

    Then flew back to the school city and went east and waltzed over the Bug Gym and Flying Titan as a result =P
    Then I did the Psychic gym.

    Then back north again and: the Dark Crew, Earth Titan and Water Gym, followed by the Normal Gym and Dragon Titan.
    Finished things off with the Fairy Crew, Ghost & Ice Gym after that, and finally the Fighting Crew.

    Really out of order I know =P
    It's an enjoyable game. The order I did stuff in made a lot of it trivially easy though lol
    I've been playing it for like a couple weeks now.
    I've already been working on completing the Dex for the shiny charm =P

    Currently... I sorta bumped into Miraidon while looking for the Violet Paradox forms so I'm now chucking balls at it =P
    It's alive... alive... ALIVE!
    Hope you're doing okay 😊

    I'm pretty much about to go to bed tbh, nearly midnight and a workday tomorrow =P
    Pokemon related I'm currently playing catch-up with dozens of partials that I let accumulate for like well over half a year in BDSP rofl
    Pretty much just focusing on the mons that can't go into SwSh and ignoring the rest =P
    Progress is slow, but steady =D

    Also wanna go play gen 9, but my pre-ordered copy got delayed in the mail and won't be here for another couple days most likely. 😤
    Did you get Scarlet/Violet?
    Also I'm fine, how are you =D
    Did you get BD as intended?
    (iirc you were gonna get BD, unless I'm remembering wrong lol)
    I had SP pre-ordered.
    I somehow managed to win the giveaway here so I got BD too now @_@
    SP is physical, BD is didgital.

    Anyway I just wrapped up my shiny shellder breed, 1.200 eggs for two of them ^.^
    I also need to breed myself a second shiny Galar Darumaka, but I told myself I had to finish either the Shellder OR the G-Darumaka line before going BDSP, not both. So the second G-Darumaka is gonna have to wait till I finish my first playthrough in either BD or SP, which I will be starting tomorrow =D
    Ah, reminds me of a store here called Free Record Shop, which sold mainly music but also movies and games.
    They also put the price stickers on the cases themselves.

    The shop is no longer there. Dunno if they all closed, but the one that was somewhat near here sure did lol
    more stores closing =o
    There are actually kinda no game stores nearby here so I'm kinda glad I could just fill in my e-mail address and have the codes be sent to me =p

    1 of each apriball per game yea. Kinda wish there was a better pre-order bonus for BDSP, but it's ok-ish I guess xD
    Just poking you about this in case you dunno/haven't seen yet: https://www.pokecommunity.com/showthread.php?t=459875

    I find it funny the e-mail with codes I received seemed to imply I needed to choose between them, but gives both codes anyway. Either shiny Zacian in Shield or Shiny Zamazenta in Sword. I got both. I claimed both xD
    I also don't really see why the code would be game specific, but I didn't wanna risk it so I claimed it the way they listed it ^.^
    Well I personally hope they'll implement the Azure Flute this time so you can for the first time legitimately catch yourself an Arceus =3
    *fingers crossed*

    As for Darkrai/Shaymin. Would be cool if they'd be a version exclusive post game catch quest. Like darkrai in either BD or SP and than shaymin in the other. Maybe a little story involving them too a la Delta Episode.
    Seems unlikely to me though, probably gonna be mystery gifts too xD
    Hmmm. I don't remember what site it was, but it was listed as a pre-order exclusive before. Can't find it now. It's called Early Purchase bonus now. Guess they changed the wording. The wording was definitely ambigous before, but there was a graphic that clearly marked Manaphy as a Pre-purchase bonus. I now see a similar graphic that no longer says that. Well whatever xD


    Well anyway guess you don't need to pre-order for Manaphy then xD
    Btw, in case you see this before the event ends. There's a Max raid event going this weekend for Alola starters:

    This is pretty big and idk if I'll ever get the chance to put Alola starters in apriballs again, so I've already went and caught as many I could with the Balls I still had. Luckily I never used my main account Sword's playthrough Special Balls at all =D (only got 2 remaining now xD)

    Basically I'd like each in 3 different special balls. I caught a Litten in a Sport Ball I still had in Shield first. Then I went into Sword and caught: Fast Ball Litten, Moon & Friend Ball Rowlet, Lure, Love & Dream Ball Popplio.
    I also want a Moon Ball Litten and Safari Ball Rowlet, but don't have those balls atm. Guess I'll have to attempt to trade for those later.

    Edit: well made a thread for it and already got the Moon Ball HA Litten now ^.^
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