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  • Your discord channel is pretty cool. Sorry I was so moody earlier, i'm kinda on my monthly visitor pretty much now....

    Usually I am pretty upbeat. *shrug* Just been having a bad cycle this time >_<;;; Being a girl with autism on top of it makes it even worse...
    I could get my friends Jackster and Melanie to post on there (or at least jackster out of the two anyways). They love forums lol

    I sent you a friend request on discord last night actually :P Hopefully you'll be able to find it as you go on there! My name is KorrinaLover9000 or something lol
    Joining you forum would be fun :3 I enjoy joining new forums. Thanks for the url^^

    I'll try to message you on there soon.

    I hope you're having a nice october. i got sick yesterday x.x;
    I do know pokemon showdown! :3 I'll gladly fight ya on there sometime >D Thanks for telling me you use it!!! That site is really fun ^_^ and chalanging xD hahaha

    Most of my good friends in life have been pokemon fans!!! :3

    I think she's so beautiful I actually have a super huge crush on her! X3; Also, she's a really good character in the anime^^ I've watched her arc over and over around 10 or so times.

    Mega Lucario is very cool! :3 I really like him too. I think I especially like lucario cuz of him being korrina's pokemon though. That really makes it a special pokemon to me^^
    I do use discord! :3 I'll give you my name on there sometime, but i might logout soon cuz i'm not really supposed to be online right now ^_^;;

    I like making new friends :3 Like Hello Kitty says; you can never have too many friends!^.^

    Also, do you do wifi battles? And what do you think of my darling korrina? X3;
    Hey, I think I know you from somewhere! :P Hopefully, you're a nice person who will get along with me. Wanna be friends?
    Anyway! My last thing, My Last discord: PAE. Maybe I will never return again.
    OK, Leave me alone!
    I will not run PokeCommunity for 2 months! So, Leave me alone!
    I don't know how use PAE though,
    And, also... have you made any progress making the Guide to scripting?
    Wow. Cool!
    Do you have a thread for it? By the way, start using Discord. Many people use it. :D
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