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  • I have a 2ds also. I like it a lot and worth the money because it is much cheaper than the 3ds. They both have similar graphics and features.
    Can someone explain what a hacked pokemon is? also ive got a 100 zangoose that shreds 3 / 4 bosses and a 80 gengar that takes care of the last guy. if you are interested.
    I have a hacked lv.100 Sceptile which knows Slam, Detect, X-Scissor, and Leaf Storm.
    I also have a hacked lv. 94 Milotic that is a great defense wall, that knows Dragon Pulse, Double Team, Toxic, and Light Screen. I'll give you either one for the Darkrai. PS: The movesets are pretty horrible but remember all you need is 3 heart scales cause each one of these pokemon have move worth keeping. Hit me up.

    FC: 2236 6622 7933
    HI...if you want to...do you want to battle? If so, what is your name and FC? Mine is on my signature...
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