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  • Hi man! No worries I'm the same only rarely log into this site nowadays, but I think I just spotted you in my MAL friends and sent you a visitor message on that too haha. It's fine if you don't remember me but didn't you also use YCM? I was pretty active on there back in the day and in the GFX section. I also think we worked on a shortlived ROM hack here called Pokemon Complete that I don't think amounted to anything. Although I guess it is possible I'm getting confused and knew two different people on two different forums both going by Brushfire haha.
    Saw you were online recently :O been occasionally checking back and wanting to reconnect with people I used to speak to on here haha. Drop me a message if you log in again :))
    hello i would like to be a scripter i am average if you need proof ask me to do a script and i will show you as soon as i see the message (pm me with the script you guys wanna see)
    I still think with Alan Pardew we still would of got promoted.

    lol why do you hate MK Dons so much?

    Eddit Howe = *rz- :P

    I just hope Brighton and Portsmouth get relegated.

    Well, I'm sure you could make 6th place at least, because there is quite away to go yet.
    Look at us last season, we started off really poorly and yet we managed to finish second in the end, with only 3 points away from winning the league.

    I know, it's been a while. :P

    I guess our clubs are going to the league their meant to be in, because Southampton should be in the PL, where as you belong in League Two. xD

    I wish you luck this season though, because you deserve to be in the play-offs.
    You're welcome, I guess? :P
    I am always bored so I just try to kill boredom through ROM hacking. =/

    Anyway, how are you?
    Yeah, that's all we need really. The thing what really Pi**ed me off was when England played Germany, and the linesman didn't give the Lampard goal.

    Urm, yes we did. Although I can't remember much of it to be honest, but yes I would agree with you. The FA also need to bring technology to the game.
    Oh, okay. :P

    I can't disagree with adkins, because we are god-like. hehe :P

    Also, do you remember Goberns tackle on one of your players? I thought it was so funny.
    LOL. Lallana supports Bournemouth if you didn't know. Also, why don't you like Barnard, or Adkins?
    Yeah, but all their goals are lucky and scrappy.

    And yeah, that's what I thought...But I think he'll be in the Southampton legends. :P
    Well good luck in the the play-offs! It'll be a nervy time. :\

    Hm, the team was Niemi, Dodd, Monkou, Lundekvam, Svensson, Williams, Wotton, Telfer, Idiakez, Watson, Ostenstad. Though, Paul Wotton plays for Yeovil now. xD

    I'm surprised James Beattie, Alan Shearer, and Kevin Phillips didn't play.
    Yeah, I did. Also, yes we did. xD

    You've been doing bad since you lost against us, I don't know if you still had Eddie then.

    I went to the other Southampton match today. It was our first team playing the saints all stars. :P
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