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  • oh yo you're back! i don't visit this site as often anymore bcs i'm more active on the Pokecommunity Discord now, so I'm sorry I'm a few days late to reply!

    just for clarification (bcs i'm forgetful), it's Laura now right?
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    whoa. speaking of being a few days late to reply LOL

    but yeah that's right! wow i've been on this website for a long time. it's funny that we interact way more on twitter now. hope your year is going well!
    For me I like Bug would be in my top 5 favorite types only because the pokemon in this typing can look super cool, My favorite has to be Butterfree, and I am a sucker for Frosmoth
    i'll see what I can do! would be down to experiment on new styles if ever hehe.

    yeah the Sunday deadline was pretty darn odd lol. that website is downright incredible tho! (is otis like your online name elsewhere or something?) i don't think i would've had the patience to sleuth around lol. what made you wanna do it?
    check this channel out and see if any of these styles interest you (or someone you know!). i can do more styles too i think, but i specialize in that kind of lettering/logo-ing atm heh.

    ohh so Ace Attorney isn't just you in a court all day? lol. which part do you find the most fun? and how do you win/lose court hearings? don't know how any of that works lol.

    i legitimately thought it was an admin messing with me at first and embedding the Golbat somewhere really deep within the forum CSS or something that you really have to keep your eyes peeled for lmaoo. didn't help that you gave the Sunday deadline too, i was in maximum panic mode for a bit xD s'all good tho, was a nice experience! might have to do that to someone in the future hehe (in which i thank you for the idea!).
    heyo tactics may be cheap, but they're tactics :D i say this until someone ultimately does it to me and i rage at them lmao.

    and thanks so much for the help if ever with the thumbnails! i'm tryna build connections right now and i really appreciate this :D i haven't played Ace Attorney ever, just been hearing about it a lot. i don't even know if it's for me, still need to dip my toes into it when i get the time and energy to soon. how's it work? you just go around in a court asking questions and shiz? PokeGuy1238 literally has it as his avatar so i'm pretty sure he's more knowledgeable about it than i would ever be lol.

    THAT WAS YOU?? are you kidding me lmaooo yea i got it, thanks for the letter! xD i spent like almost an hour a few days ago looking through like 12 different sections for a random Golbat, but can't find it anywhere. therefore i concede. where'd you put it? :p
    my man hahaha it's you and me. i don't play smash tho but i've seen the kirby memes enough to know what you're talking about :p

    listened to the song. i've never heard something that sounded so spanish, yet so japanese at the same time til now. i gotta go watch How's Moving Castle again heh.

    awesome that you watched it! best of luck if you ever try applying it to stuff in your life hehe. it's been alright with the freelance stuff tho. i'm focusing my energy on looking for businesses now instead of individual people who need my services. i'm super open though if someone would come to me for a commission request.
    whoa you're a Tekken player? do you know the combos, or do you just button mash like I do and pray for the best? lol

    i'm too lazy to record in layers lol. my approach is mostly "screw it i hate playing to a metronome let's do this sh*t live" xD i'll take a listen to that Howl's Moving Castle OST in a bit after i'm done working hehe but for sure i know it sounds good. and please don't sue i have a family!!

    best of luck if ever you start with konmari! let's see if we can get another member of our minimalist society hehe. and ooh i do have a Fiverr account... that i completely forgot about lol. i was offering to make youtube thumbnails and all, but i legit didn't know where to plug it. it's been dead for the last 4 or 5 months :p
    oh Isiah Thomas definitely lol. there's a modern day NBA player called Isaiah Thomas even, but he ain't as famous i guess. and i recently researched the Tekken character i was tryna remember. it was Azazel lol. close to Aziel tho.

    definitely would prefer to sing while playing an instrument to keep the cool aesthetic of being a multifaceted performer, but eh i'll take having a backing track too lol. much easier to sing better that way. i've already seen Howl's Moving Castle but i don't remember it having any finger picking songs in there. will probably have to watch it again hehe. best of luck to ya on learning it! fastest way to master everything is to just focus on one segment of the song at a time til you get each one down, then slowly connect them. it's the process that works for me at least.

    oof i didn't know that about you. that could definitely be a reason since your brain's tryna process blurry and too clear at the same time lmao. don't quote me tho i ain't an eye doctor.

    i implore you to research konmari indeed, especially if you have lots of clutter in your place and have a hard time downsizing. helped me out a bunch last 2019 when i first got into it, and now i only have like 18 items of clothing lol. more than enough for 2 weeks before i need to wash again.

    job market in the Philippines has been wacky for decades lmao. i'm looking into joining freelance communities and build connections. there's a ripe market in foreign places like US, Europe, Singapore, etc. and lots of these gigs pay reaaal well. hustling atm to land one of those.
    i imagine a lot of people spell it like Isiah or something, since that seems to be the more common spelling lol. i dunno where aziel came from tho... isn't that a Tekken character? :p and hey keep it growing as long as possible! i personally don't have the gall to do that bcs my hair gets real messy (and my scalp gets so hot!) if it gets too long. one thing's for certain, you're saving a lot of money overtime by not having to go to the barber haha.

    good luck on that productivity list! and hah! that video wasn't even me really focusing on singing at all, so i'm amazed you actually thought i sounded good there. i was too focused on not making mistakes on the guitar :p camp fire level is more than good enough for a casual player. really, just being to transition chords around while staying on beat and singing is something i'd already consider to be skillful. i ain't consistent with finger picking btw, that's pretty much the only song i know fully with that style!

    oof on the eyes hurting. why could it be causing strain? maybe your eyes aren't built for cheap 3D? lol. i think you'll have a better time with something premium like the oculus tbh.

    have you heard of konmari for minimizing belongings? i looked into it and now i'm really happy with what i'm left with :D

    i'm looking to fully transition indeed, just need the courage to be ok with all the risks involved (i.e. no longer having a stable job D:)
    that's a really cool name! you're the first Isaiah i know/am friends with. it ain't a common name in my country for some reason. i'm on the fence still about sharing my twitter account here, so i'mma just follow u there and u just gotta find out which one i am hehe. you've got really cool hair btw

    i got the inspiration watching Wheezy Waiter, where he did that 10 mins a day thing for a couple tasks he wanted done. within a week he finished a song, a book, & cleaned out his entire garage. something that, for sure, he'd procrastinate on had he not done the challenge. i so have a Soundcloud, but it's all cover songs with gf haha. my original music i store on my lil ol' personal Youtube channel, where it's clumped in with other random things like nutrition vlogs from 2019 and birthday videos i made last year lol. feel free to check out the songs, and watch the other stuff at your own risk :p

    oooh i've always been raring to try VR (and not those crappy ones with a fish eye lens that you just insert your phone into lol i guess the Google Cardboard works like that too? the one i bought a few years ago was like half the price XD). though i don't have ANY space at all in my house, due to how cluttered things are. also, 100% the cat's gonna break it, so i don't think i'll be buying one anytime soon :p

    exactly on the boss part. it's night and day with him versus my day job boss. it's one of the reasons why i'm so much more motivated to work for him than my main.
    lol ye i'm terrible with names on a spoken basis, but since everything is text-based here, i've been doing a better job at getting them down hehe. let's see now... prof. plum is Tyler, Sheep is Janna, VisionOfMilotic is Sam, Astromancer is Riki, Xorn is Dakota, colours is Angie, Tsutarja is Zach, Aquacorde is Anna, Caite-chan is... Caite i guess? bobandbill is... Marcin? shoot i can't remember lol. Corviknight is Aaron (even tho we ain't that close, i should know their name bcs we share the same one lol), Eleanor is Loomie, ionno if that's their real name but it's cool regardless, Fairy is Jo, and uhh i think that's all i can remember off the top of my head. i also realized, i don't think i know your real name lol. all good if you aren't comfortable with sharing it tho :) (unless you did at one point and i completely forgot, to which i say i'm so sorry! i do be a forgetful lad eheh).

    ooh yeah looking at your screenshot, i don't have Lumiose Press or The Signal on my side. the only one i got that you don't is the Moderator Lounge hehe. i don't even know if we're supposed to be sharing stuff like this so let's change topic pronto!

    yessir i love watching digital artists do their thing. timelapse videos on youtube are my bread and butter when i just wanna chill and be inspired haha. yoo you got a banjo tho? that's wicked cool! do you know the chords and stuff? or full songs or something? i've been trying to allocate time for my hobbies here and there. at least 10-20 minutes of attending to them everyday can go a long way. i may no longer be able to write songs as fast as i used to, nor can i binge video games for hours on end, etc. but if i just work on them little by little on a consistent basis, that's still productivity! i'll take it over mindlessly watching youtube for 9 hours a day :S ugh i need to work on myself.

    yeah the cheap tablet was actually what i was on the fence about, since the lower end models still go for a pretty hefty amount for me. my cousin actually bought one a few months ago, and it was pretty interesting having tried it out first-hand. gon take a lot of getting used to since it's nothing like drawing on paper with a pen, but if it means i get to rekindle my creative spirit, then i'll get around to it!

    ooh i'd love an easier time finding jobs for sure. it's a mess out there due to how many people do the exact same thing as me, and do it way better! for my current freelance gig, the company actually sells custom shirts, mugs, & posters of your pet pictures. basically you send a picture, then it gets run through our software to make it look like a Van Gogh style oil painting. we send you that digital pic back for free. it's up to the customer if they want the custom stuff to go along with it. i'm in charge of drafting mock-ups for mugs and shirts, as well as making video ads to be blasted through our socials. it's just really simple edits right now tho, cuts and transitions here and there, while i'm still a novice hehe. i'm glad our boss is super chill too. i don't think he's asked for a revision once yet lol.
    of course go ahead! Wikiminute literally just randomly came to me when i read your premise haha feel free to use it for whatever.

    being admin of a site as big as this sound super cool on paper, but once you see the backend of things it's a whole 'nother story! i'll stick to spamming forum games and poketrivia please! also i love you how referred to Tyler by their real name, but Janna is hard coded as "Sheep" lmao.

    yeah i didn't even know that existed lol. is that a section within the site?

    i've wanted to get into digital drawing for a bit, but for sure i can't dedicate a lot of time to it thanks to a busy sched and lots of other things i wanna do (gaming, music, design, etc.) gettig in the way. i think i can afford a drawing tab already, but i'm still on the fence with it. i wouldn't want it to just gather dust on the side :(

    and yeah despite being a busy job, i've been having fun with this field and can see myself doing it as a career :D i'm tryna expand my reach as well, i'm now a freelance video editor for a US company and their hourly pay is heaps better than my day job right now. if this were stable enough, i can survive off of just this alone and no longer have to constantly dread commutes and subpar management. oh well we'll see.
    oooh so it's like a Wikiminute or something like that? not boring at all! i'm excited to see it air soon :D

    i love being able to read discussions for plans for the site as they're being made, and hearing so many cool suggestions and opinions from woke individuals. i'm not too keen on admin position right now tho since i feel like that's a TON of work, but hey we'll never know :p you might even be rocking the pink colors one day hehe

    maybe it's a private section that i don't have access to? ionno for sure, but like oof yeah i completely forgot about the link lol. i'll do it tomorrow when i'm not about to go to sleep!

    and uhh yea i'm just a measly graphic designer for a local corporate company, and i specialize in making the same poster 3 times in a row lmao. graduated Mass Communication but took up online tutorials on how to Photoshop to get a part time design gig to earn a bit... now it's my day job O_o
    HAHA here i was thinking the same lmao. s'all good tho :D

    a Youtube series sounds really interesting, on top of being completely out of left field for you :O are there any details already on what it's gonna be about? or is it a secret thing you can't release info on yet? sounds really cool!

    and yeah they DM'ed me randomly on Discord one day and the next thing you know, poof, i suddenly have access to the staff Discord and have all these new thingamajigs on my PC home page lol. i figured it's a risk worth taking for the time being, let's see how far i can go with this.

    ooh so you're the one who does the trivia tuesday stuff! awesome :D i can't click on your link, but it's sad to hear the facts running low though... sucks too that you have competition via reddit right now (there's a guy on the pokemon subreddit who's posting one obscure fact per day and they're all really interesting. you may wanna check it out. i'll link it here later if i remember to lol)
    heyoo! so that means like, you'll be a writer for episodes and whatnot? or are you gonna be the one pitching show ideas to execs? sounds really interesting.

    and phew that's great to hear. what's Pokecommunity without good ol' Bug? (or whatever your name's gonna be in the near future lol)

    i kinda understand the full transparency thing, but i dunno i just feel uncomfortable exposing the bad about me. i wanna make sure that i leave a good impression around folks y'know? less drama and whatnot. but anyway, onto your other point. i've actually been interested in experiencing what it's like to be part of the PC staff. i think i can sorta see myself being a mod? i'm just scared of not being able to attend to my responsibilities consistently esp when real life hits hard at times.

    for you, how's it like so far? i've checked out the socials and it was pretty interesting (FB looks dead tho lol). are you the one who makes the posts? or are you in charge of the trivia research?
    yooo i wasn't able to personally greet everyone i needed to greet this christmas i'm so sorry T-T belated merry christmas Bug! hope you had a great one, and wishing you a solid 2021 to come!

    also i didn't even see that you replied what the heck? lol anyway, IS BUG GON BE IN THE FILM INDUSTRY IN THE FUTURE?? bro, pls don't forget us when you make it huehue

    lmaooo nah there've been plenty of vids lately where the chill persona i put on completely gets torn down because of something annoying happening in the game. that's what i realized that put me off recording, i didn't wanna show people my bad side, which does indeed show up every now and then when i'm gaming seriously or something eheh. when i get into that mindset i tend to have a pretty shortfuse :c this also EXACTLY is why i'm scared sh*tless about streaming because it's 10x worse. there's no editing, everything is live, i'm literally exposing my true self out there to an audience and ion think i like that... gotta work on myself (a lot) first.
    yooo good luck on Digital Media Production! sounds super fun. is that gonna be like editing films or something?

    and yeah i said in my last video i was just gonna take a short hiatus, but it's been 6 months i think and i don't think i'm about to go back anytime soon lol. i realized i have way more fun playing a game if i'm not recording it. recording always made me feel like i had to follow a certain pace to keep things consistent with video time and whatnot, and that sorta took its toll after a while. didn't even know you watched my stuff haha i legit thought the only people watching my channel were 10 year olds looking for romhack walkthroughs XD
    ah man it's been a while since i've seen you hahaha i used to be TheRoniverse but changed it bcs i wasn't really into makin anymore youtube videos. as you can see tho i've slowly but surely gotten more addicted to this site, whereas you've remained mostly normal (thank goodness lmao). but like how are you pardner?
    Wait, are you the guy who used to be Luna Lovegood? Oh dang I was wondering where they went!
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