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  • yeah for sure modern tcg is unrecognisable. Duel links was such a nostalgia trip when it first came out (only classic DM cards), now it's slowly progressing the same way and we just got zexal world and xyz's but I'm still having fun with it. Blue eyes and Thunder dragons are meta which is cool and even other classic archetypes like Dark Magician, Buster Blader, Heroes & Red eyes can all make decent rogues. Cyber dragons is on and off the meta tier list but still very competitive too. I defo prefer to build decks of classic archetypes rather than newer decks I'm not too familiar with.
    I've always collected the physical cards, there's been some really cool products lately!
    Hey your yugioh profile pic caught my eye! Then I saw we even had a mutual friend on here which I couldn't believe! haha. Are you a big fan of Yugioh? Do you play Duel Links?
    About your last comment. I cannot guarantee saves will be compatible with latest version of my hackrom, sadly :c
    if you didn't knew. the new demo for pokemon re_imagined is out (but i didn't feel like making a cheesy trailer just for a new demo)
    Well, since you seem supportive to me, i'll give you a chance as my friend. ;) Plus i'm becoming more mentally strong now anyways. *goes to befriend you*

    Thanks for your kindness :)
    Oh no....i just saw your profile....

    You like my most hated game series.....(kingdom hearts)

    I duno if i wanna be friends now :( I used to be picked on for my girlyness so much by kh fans....so it hurts to talk to one.

    Sorry :(
    ok... but it's a shame though. i really wanted to see people's honest and first hand reactions and make the rest of my game accordingly.
    thank you for liking my game.
    (pokemon re_imagined)
    can you upload a let's play of it? (if you have a youtube channel)
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