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  • Logged in on a whim today when I saw some news about Pokemon Essentials being taken down in The Verge and saw your message from June. Guess you haven't really been back on since that day, from the look of things. I might sniff around here a bit, so when you next log on -- whenever that is -- feel free to ping me back.
    Hey, I asked the mods to get me into my old account and I read through a bunch of old messages we used to have.

    We were so bitchy, I found.
    Haha, I always feel like at least one character in everything I've written has a self-insert in it in some way shape or form. Especially when I was a kid. XD;
    Ha, yeah. I still got a thing for all my usernames even though I think they're all trash.

    I faintly remember ... like, a diagram ... you made once of how one character you had splintered into all these different characters. Hunter from Odd was apart of that, I think.
    Holy benevolent multi-headed deity on a jelly-filled cracker

    I love what you've done.

    Also, I like the "Burst Ninja." Very classic. ;)
    Yeah, I sometimes think how funny it is that we all ended up exchanging facebooks without the fear one of us was some creepy old man or something, haha. But thanks! I love theatre.

    Don't you study ... Graphic design? Animation?
    Check out the Underground subforum!

    Anyway I'm heading into Junior year, still studying theatre. I've been listening to a whole lot of Night Vale and watching anime since I just got a new internet provider and Netflix.
    Yeah, I came back fairly recently doing essentialy the same thing. They host really neat games of mafia on this forum, so I've been staying for that. :)

    What have you been up to?
    other sprite? my brain is getting rusty these days, so may i ask what sprite you are talking about? i think i remember asking for your help, but can't remember what help i was asking for your help with. =/
    also, i do indeed need a spriter, since i kinda need a bunch of sprites. :P
    so yesh, if you wanna help with the sprites, i'd like that. ^^
    to be honest, I had no idea they were yours. I had nobody to credit from a french site. Ther were no citations. I apologize for the problem. I've already talked to Yuoman about the situation. Again, I'm sorry and had no idea they were yours in the first place.
    um, hey, remember me?
    well, belated Happy New Year~

    oh, and do you happen to have the OW sprites I asked you to make long ago?
    I kinda needed Maylene's OW sprites... =/
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