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  • Hey, is it still possible to get an invite for the clandestine discord? Just wondering as the link on the original post seems to be down
    i'm literally so confused right now
    all of this is off of memory, so if it's wrong then i can't even
    ok, in unlz.gba, go to address xEA1D68 - this is the first tileset address, don't know number but am betting on 1990. replace everything there for a moment with the indexed version of what was given to you
    i also realized now that there should be no reason to have to replace a .raw file;
    address xEA1B68 is where the palettes are. x200 bytes consisting of 10 palettes with 32 bytes in each (0x20)--each color is 2 bytes which consist of bits.
    color stuff
    now that it's converted, load it up in advancemap with the block editor (advancemap can load bmp's)
    i've been in bed for like 1.5 hours
    try inserting the palette 0 image i gave you really quickly, i guess. use irfanview to index (decrease to 16 colors) and then round each color to a multiple of 8 and then export the palette as a file. convert said palette file to an advancemap palette file using some tool, and then load up advancemap. load up the image, load up the palette, write palette to rom, save tiles, bam.
    it's really not that hard, i'm more surpirsed at why i haven't done it that way myself in the past tbh
    step 1.) replace in unlz.gba after making the raw file different?
    step 2.) replace palettes coming 200 bytes before it

    step 3.) replace .raw file to assign correct palettes
    um no this has quite literally never happened
    it seems like an image thing? i mean i can just do this manually lol

    ok so this is what happens after i put in everything that has to deal with the first palette. i got most of the color stuff solved, but this is just not doing it right...
    input image:

    EDIT: i need to insert each palette individually into the ROM, which is why i'm not just solely doing the full thing at once
    i'm so confused right now
    so basically i have my image and the palette files all good
    but nothing seems to be working? like i put it into advancemap and it messes up just about everything colorwise
    this generally doesn't happen?
    lol can i just give you the main images (with different versions for palette) and have you insert them? really, it's just a matter of loading them in advancemap then arranging them to look like blocks~
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