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  • Yet you're willing to believe every rumor related to Nintendo whose sources come from liars. There have been rumors about the Wii U being dead since 2015, so what makes you think this rumor will be right this time after confirmation that it won't get replaced by the Switch (it doesn't have backwards compatibility to neither the 3DS nor Wii U)? As stated by our group's mod, even if it does replace the Wii U, it'll be by a complete accident like the GBA, which got discontinued in 2010 after getting much support in Japan.

    Also, you're not the only one who accused the group as some kind of cult (we get those people once in a while).
    Well here's a link to Pietriots. And here's one of its articles posted by the same friend I told you about how personal observations don't require citations.

    And as for the blog you're talking about where my friend is inviting you, it's actually here at Disquis.
    The group's owner has invited you to join the conversation:

    Knowing your comment about wanting to talk to Liger, I'm pretty confident you'll decline the offer.
    Because it was confirmed by Nintendo themselves that it won't replace the Wii U and 3DS at all? One of my friends also said this about you:

    "Personal observations don't require citations, sorry your friend is pissed and critical at our existence."

    Try not to take it too personal though. He's just as aggressive as you are, which we try to keep in control in case he goes too far. He's also is part of another website I also trust called the Pietriots, where he and his other buddies expose what's going in gaming.
    Liger is a reliable source because he works for the gaming industry, so we know what's going on behind-the-scenes. If you're planning to argue with Liger, I must warn you that he'll talk about you in one of his LBC (Loss of Brain Cells) videos should you get too aggressive with your arguments.

    Also, Not all of our information are opinion pieces but actual facts we've noticed from time to time when digging through the history of the gaming industry, including the companies we're more vocal on. And from what we've learned from our information starting with the Gamecube, you really cannot trust the big third-party companies from keeping their word for supporting the Switch, especially since it's confirmed by EA that Mass Effect 4 will not be coming to that system.
    Perhaps I should share a link to another website, just to show you that Disquis isn't the only website where I get my sources (there's also youtubers who me and my Disquis friends showcase in our articles).
    It would be wise for me to share you a link to this Disquis group I'm part of that would give you more broad point of view about the Nintendo Switch and anything else in the gaming industry.
    Hey, I just wanted to give a response to the heated discussion going on in Sun and Moon speculation thread without putting you so on the spot.

    I've noticed you've gotten into some fairly heated arguments and I have an idea on why that happens.
    The approach where you really dissect someone's post seems to escalate tensions between you and the original poster.
    It tends to read to me less as an analysis and more as an attack and I think it tends to fragment the discussion too much. So many points have been extracted from one post that it's kind of a chore to try and respond to each of them.

    It seems to me like a bit of overkill to dig in so deep into a casual forum post as if every sentence were as delicately articulated as if it were written for a formal debate.

    I understand the approach and why someone might would use it. It's probably a natural tendency as well. I'm just hoping that sharing my perspective with you can help save you some drama down the line.
    hii! Sorry I'm late ;__; Need to get mine done haha!

    Anywhoo! Added your friend code! Mine's 2809-8590-7580. =)
    I know you're still down, but don't let a heated debate get in the way of your experience here. There's always other stuff you can check out if you need to get away for a bit.
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